Groups for children 8 years old and younger include Minnows, Turtles, and Dolphins.

Minnows - for 5-8 year olds

Coach: Hilary Goldschlager  
Fees: $130/month

The Minnows group is the first level designed to introduce swimmers to Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics team in a pre-competitive setting. This is for those swimmers age 6 and up (5 with approval) who have summer league or lesson experience and intend to swim year round in a competitive program.  Emphasis will be on Freestyle and Backstroke with the introduction to Breaststroke kick.

Practice Times

Tuesday 4:00-4:30 PM
Thursday 4:00-4:30 PM

Baseline minimum entry requirements are:

Unassisted 25 yard swim and kick, independent front float, independent back float, basic survival skills (i.e., returning to wall, climbing out of pool), proper straight leg kick and ability to hold a submerged breath for 10 seconds.

Swimmers must be able to get along with others, listen to the Coach, follow instruction without disruption, and try their best. Equipment required: proper swim suit, goggles, fins, cap.


Turtles - for 6-8 year olds

Coach: Hilary Goldschlager  
Fees: $130/month

Turtles are new or younger 8+U swimmers. The emphasis in Turtles is the refinement of Freestyle and Backstroke and the completion of Breaststroke.  Butterfly is introduced. Turtles continue to learn training and competition skills, and are expected to work within a group. In addition to the requirements for Minnows, Turtles must be able to dive from the blocks and hold a streamline. Race focus is on the 25's & 50's for each stroke. Competition is expected at team-wide meets as well as Pacific Swimming meets.

Practice Times

Monday 4:00-4:30 PM
Wednesday 4:00-4:30 PM
Friday 4:00-4:30 PM

Although attendance is not mandatory at every practice, swimmer progress at this age is directly related to their attendance.


Dolphins - for 7-8 year olds

Coach: Hilary Goldschlager  
Fees: $150/month

Dolphins are returning 8 +U swimmers with "A" times (race experience required.) Emphasis is on continued stroke work, intro to drill progressions, racing dives from the blocks, pace clock training, and competing at meets in all 8+U events. Swimmers are expected to leave the wall in the appropriate manner & follow instruction while treating others with respect. Advancing to Sharks (space permitting) requires official times in all stroke 50's,100 Free & IM, as well as the ability to complete the Sharks workout with intervals. 

Practice Times

Monday 4:00-4:45PM
Tuesday 4:00-4:45PM
Wednesday 4:00-4:45PM
Thursday 4:00-4:45PM
Friday 4:00-4:45PM

Swimmers are encouraged to attend as many practices as possible. The minimum attendance in order to keep up with the group is typically three times per week.

Dolphins are expected to attend swim meets regularly (approximately 4-8 meets per year).