Service Obligation

Our team cannot exist without the Service efforts of our families.  Each family is required to work minimum of 35 hours per year.   First year families with a swimmer under the age of 8 years are required to work a minimum of 25 hours.  And, families who only have a Minnow swimmer(s) are required to work a minimum of 12 hours.  Required areas of service:

  • Rinconada hosted Meets (2 per season)
  • Timing at non-Rinconada hosted meets (max of 50% of hours can be earned through timing)

Other optional areas of service:

  • Lead Timer, Chaperoning Travel Meets, Officiating, Team Tents and Group Parent

Service sign-ups are handled on the PASA-Rinc. website.  You will receive advance notification of upcoming service opportunities via email.  It is your responsibility to sign up to work and earn the required service hours.  In the event that your family opts not to work or your obligation hours are not met, your account will be automatically billed at $35.00 per hour not worked.

Once you have signed up to a job or shift, you are expected to fulfill your shift.  A no-show will result in $35.00 per hour charge to your account.  In the event that a situation arises and you are unable to fulfill your job, you are responsible for removing your name from online sign-ups (before deadline) or to find a replacement or contact the Volunteer  Service Coordinator right away to avoid penalties.

Rinconada Hosted Meets

Hosted meets require the efforts of many people. There are many varied jobs available to earn hours.   

On-line sign-up notifications will be sent via email.  Once you have signed up for a job / shift, you are expected to fulfill the job.  In the event of an unexpected situation that inhibits you from showing up at the job, you are responsible for finding replacement or notifying Volunteer Service Coordinator in timely manner to cover shift.  A no-show will result in your account being charged $35.00 per hour not worked. 

Timing At Non-Rinconada Hosted Meets

All families are expected to time at least one hour each day their child is competing at a meet, regardless of whether or not they have reached their annual service obligation.

Please note, if you do not sign up to time by the deadline, you may be assigned an empty slot by PASA-Rinc. Timer Coordinator and will be expected to fulfill this assignment.  If you fail to show up at your chosen or assigned time, your account will be billed $35.00 per hour of no-show.

Lead Timer

Lead Timer supervisor ensures PASA-Rinc. parents fulfill our timing obligation at non-Rinconada hosted meets.  Using the list of online sign-ups Lead Timer supervises the timers and shift changes, documenting necessary timing changes.

Team Tents

When Rinconada swimmers attend swim meets, team tents are provided to provide shelter for our swimmers from the blazing sun or pouring rain and everything in between.  The team tents are stored at Rinconada.  The transportation of the tents to and from Rinconada is dependent on volunteers.  A Tent Coordinator will coordinate and communicate with the volunteers regarding the needs for tents before each meet.  For more information on these volunteer opportunities, please refer to our PASA Tent Transport webpage.

Chaperoning Travel Meets

Certain swim groups will attend travel meets without parents.  For these meets, PASA-Rinc. may need parent chaperones to accompany the meet.  Chaperone responsibilities include:  chauffeuring swimmers to and from pool and hotel, ordering meals and generally taking care of the welfare of the swimmers and coaches.

Background checks and USA Athlete Protection Training are required.



Stroke and Turn Officials – Train with Pacific Swimming to become a Stroke and Turn Official. Work home meets and/or other meets your swimmer attends. This is a great way to learn more about swimming, and it’s very important that the Club has enough Stroke and Turn Officials to cover our share of our Zone responsibilities. Click on the Officials link to learn more.


Group Parents

Parent representative for each group to assist and support the coach with team sponsored activities, events and communication.