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Team Practice Apparel, Equipment, and Uniform Code at Swim Meets


Practice ApparelAll swimmers need goggles and if your child has long hair please bring a swim cap.

New swimmers may wear non-competition one-piece suits until a reasonable time has passed to purchase a practice swim suit.  Male swimmers may wear jammers or a briefs- (“speedo”) style suits.

Female swimmers need to wear a one-piece swim suit.  Bikini-style competition suits may be worn by swimmers over the age of 13, but they must be appropriate (more than one single strap on the hip) and only worn when not having a joint practice with age group swimmers.

Swim Meet Apparel: We expect our swimmers to wear our Team Swim Suits. Team Swim Suits are here:  https://theswimteamstore.net/teamlogin/index/loginpost?username=redding&password=redding123

Swim Meet Swim Caps policy (for all Team Members)

If a swimmer needs to wear a cap at a swim meet, the swimmers must wear current team swim cap while doing warm-ups and competition. 

Swim Meet T-shirt policy (for all Team Members) 

While attending a swim meet, all members must wear a RAD Team T-shirt. 

For meets that are Championships and have special shirts, the swimmers must wear the designated T-shirt for that meet the first and last day of the meet.  If the meet is more than two days, the swimmers must wear Team T-shirt on the middle days.

Equipment:  Swimmers are to return all pool/swim gear to its proper place and should relocate any stray gear to safe and appropriate locations.  A number of equipment items are for general use for all the swimmers.  If a swimmer breaks, loses, and/or make the piece of equipment unusable, the family is responsible for the cost of replacement. Competition Groups are required to purchase additional equipment for training as list below:


Group Name

Equipment needs



-Age Group 1

-Fins and Pull Buoy

-Age Group 2

-Paddles, Fins, Pull Buoy, Snorkel


-Paddles, Fins, Pull Buoy, Snorkel

-Senior 1


-Senior 2

-Paddles, Fins, Pull Buoy, Snorkel

-Senior 3

-Paddles, Fins, Pull Buoy, Snorkel




Team Uniform Code at Swim Meets Swimmers are required to wear the team uniform at all swim meets.