Financial Aid Policy

Piedmont Swim Team (PST) may offer financial aid to swimmers and their families, budget permitting, using the following guidelines:

  1. The PST Board will determine each year whether or not funds are available for financial aid and the total amount. Financial aid above and beyond this amount can not be provided.

  2. To be eligible for financial aid, a swimmer must have been on PST for at least six months with high meet and practice attendance (based on Group requirements as prescribed by Head Coach). In addition, family volunteer hours must be in good standing and current.  An application is required but no financial information will be requested. The application must be submitted to PST Board of Directors by June 3 for the next swim year (August-July).

  3. Financial aid is for one swim year only (August-July) and is in no way a guarantee of financial aid for future years. Requests for future years will be accepted by the deadline mentioned above.

  4. Financial aid is applied to annual swim dues only, the maximum amount awarded being 50%. Other fees, including, but not limited to, Annual Membership Fee (currently $300/swimmer/year), Fundraising Fee (currently $150/swimmer/year) and Meet Fees are not covered or discounted.

  5. Each family is required to have a credit card on file for all payments by Electronic Payment Processing. Payments must be made in a timely manner.  Payments not received in 30 days will result in loss of right to swim and/or loss of financial aid. In addition, a $50 late fee will apply.

  6. It is mandatory that service hours be worked according to our service hour policy.  No buyout option is allowed.

  7. All financial aid is confidential.  

  8. All financial aid recipient families will be provided with a letter clearly stating their obligations when financial aid is granted.

  9. Any and all exceptions to these policies will be reviewed and must be approved by the PST Board of Directors.

  10. The PST Board of Directors reserves the right to alter or remove this policy at any time with a majority vote.