Fundraising Committee
Fundraising is essential to any club in order to stay active.  It is intended that the fundraising committee will coordinate fund drives and raise revenues for the Tiger Aquatics organization. We are very open to suggestions for fundraising.
Social Committee
This committee coordinating with the head coach makes day trips or party arrangements for enjoyable team-building social events for the swimmers and the team.
Promotions Committee
This committee is responsible for promoting Tiger Aquatics within the community. The committee writes and submits newspaper articles (after the approval of program administrator) to the Stockton Record. This committee investigates possible opportunities to promote Tiger Aquatics in community events (Stockton City Meet, Asparagus Festival, etc.).


T he Meet Committee consists of the five chairs of the committees set up for the meet.  These are the Meet Administration, Program/Advertisement, Snack Bar, Hospitality, Facilities.  The Head Coach of the team will serve on the committee. Head of the Meet Committee is the Meet Director.

Meet Administration Committee
This committee role and function is responsible for all the paper work at the meet before the swimmers swims. This role is shared by the Clerk of the Course, the check–in lead person, the computer operator. (An experienced and knowledgeable computer operator is invaluable in providing rapid, efficient and accurate seeding operations.) and the Colorado Timing Operator. Tiger’s goal is to have a couple of Teams trained and ready for our Memorial Meet.

Program and Advertising Committee
The duties of the program and advertising committee is to secure all advertising for the meet.  They will take advertisements procured by parents of the club and organize them with the meet psyche sheet.  In addition, the program committee will put together the meet book which will include advertisements, meet information and psyche sheets.  Additionally, the committee is in charge of negotiating vendors for the meet and securing donations for the meet including food for snack bar and hospitality.

Snack Bar Committee
Snack Bar committee is responsible for planning, purchasing, preparing, and selling all menu items.
The committee chair will work with the Program/Advertising Committee for food donations.

Hospitality Committee
Hospitality Committee is responsible for planning, purchasing, preparing food and drinks (lunches and snacks) for coaches and officials and volunteers during the meet. The committee chair will work with the Program/Advertising Committee for food donations.

Facilities Committee
The facilities committee is responsible for ordering and transporting equipment to and from meet site, preparing the facility and equipment for the meet, and cleaning up after the meet. In preparing for the meet to secure swimmers rest areas, restrooms and dressing, public address system, spectator seating, parking, and safety procedures. They will communicate direct with the Head Marshall to assure all implementation of meet safety.