Seniors Division (15 & up)

Seniors 2 ($160)​  Seniors 1($175)

Senior athletes continue to be taught progressively as well as to take ownership to put it all together for the purpose of reaching their career goals in and out of the pool. Although both groups will work together at times, Senior 1 will have our most committed athletes.  Senior 2 will provide an outlet for our high school athletes to get the attention they need, but still swimming with their peer group.  Senior athletes will represent our core values as an organization as they grow into young adults. 

  • Senior 2&1
    • Practice duration 120 Min Monday-Saturday ​including (Dryland 3 X a Week 60 Min *Each Dryland Session)
    • Events to Compete:
      • 50/100/200’s of Stroke
      • 500 Fr/400 IM
      • Distance Events
    • Need to Know
      • Legal in all 4 Strokes
      • Flip Turns
      • Open Turns
      • Streamlines off All Walls
      • Underwater Dolphin K off Walls
      • Understand Clock/Intervals
      • Use Equipment (Racks/Cords/Drag Socks)
    • Teaching Priority:
      • Stroke Count
      • Turns
      • Breakouts in all 4 Strokes
      • Changing Speeds (Build/Descend/Negative Splitting)
      • Breath Control
      • Development and Consistency in Training Skills
      • Building Aerobic Capacity (Gas Tank)
    • Secondary Teaching Priority:
      • College Prep (application/school visits/how to approach coach)
      • Team Building/Chemistry
      • Prelims/Finals Meet (Championship Level Experience)
      • Solidify Race Plans