As an organization and staff, we are committed to building character one lap at a time. This means we are not only coaching lifelong swimmers, but lifelong citizens of their community. We do this by implementing our Core Values into every aspect of our club.


Our commitment to instilling skills to our athletes will only strengthen the bond that we share as we promote the sport of swimming in the greater San Joaquin county area.


We have responsibility to provide a safe, positive, and structured environment to each swimmer. Our goal is to teach the importance of responsibility to athletes through our actions.


Through youth sports, discipline provides a structure for athletes to follow. Commitment to practice, commitment to learn, commitment to team.


All abilities, all backgrounds, and all participants will work together to reach their goals. Tiger Aquatics appreciates both the diversity and the characteristics that tie us together.


We want to have strong moral principles. Having the courage to do what is right, even in difficult situations is not easy but it is imperative.


Tigers work to build character in and out of the pool. Both staff and athletes reflect positive character traits and continue to improve as people. Tiger creates athletes that are whole citizens prepared for what lies ahead.