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What To Do at Meets

What to Do When You Get to the Meet

Please make a point of finding out what time your child should arrive at the meet. Usually it will be 10-15 minutes prior to the start of warm-ups. Your child’s Coach will let you know if there is another time that is better. When you arrive, do the following:

  • Find your child’s Coach

  • Check in at the Clerk of Course

  • Find the team area and set up a space to occupy during the meet

  • Get ready for warm-ups

Familiarize Yourself With Parent Responsibilities at a Meet!

Swimmers' Responsibilities at a Meet

  • Checking in is a great swimmer responsibility. It’s easy, and it connects them immediately to the meet and their events.

  • Warming up properly (the Coach will tell the swimmer what warm-up to do).

  • Checking in with the coach before and after every race – this is an important detail.

  • Wearing a team cap for every race, and a team suit – if the swimmer has one – is a must.

  • Wearing the appropriate clothing to protect from the elements, be it sun or cold.

Coach Responsibilities at a Meet

  • Answering your child’s questions (even if they are nonstop) is a very important detail at meets. It will all be new for your child, so there will be lots of questions.

  • Directing swimmers to the team area and identifying for them the Clerk of Course, the posting site for heat/lane assignments and the locker rooms.

  • Running warm-ups and directing race starts.

  • Connecting with athletes before and after races with information pertinent to that individual. This information will include details for them to focus on during their race, and after the swim, what the child did well or how they succeeded, along with the things they will need to focus on for the next time they do that race. These bits of information are the tools that your child will use to improve as they go from practice to meets and back again.

  • Interfacing with all officials at the meet (Stroke and Turn Officials, Referees and Clerk of Course) regarding disqualifications, missed events and any entry problems at the Clerk.

Scratching Events

Swimmers must “Scratch” an event (cancel themselves from being entered) if they have checked in and then leave the meet before a particular event is run. Scratching must always be approved by a Coach.

Parents, Coaches and Officials

It is the coaches’ responsibility to deal with all officiating issues at the meet. Any questions a parent might have should be directed to the coaches. The coach will either explain a just disqualification to the swimmer (and parent) or pursue challenging a disqualification that the coach believes was unjustly given. Should this happen, the meet Referee will make the final decision on the call. At no time should a parent approach or argue with an official.

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