Coaches and Directors

Coaches and Directors
Coaching Staff
Jonathan Hiett Head Coach
Marie Reynolds Gold 2 Coach
Dea Ann Joslin Blue 2 Coach

My Swimming – It probably seems like I’ve been swimming forever…but I was the oldest kid in Beginners, because I was afraid to put my face in the water.  I love to train and to swim just about anywhere…and any time.  My competitive career has been 12-current.

Teaching – I started teaching swimming 8 years ago and have learned as much or more from teaching as I have from participating and coaching.  Beginnings are great, in competitive swimming and in learning to swim.  Learning to swim is a very empowering and fun experience for children and I love seeing it happen and being a part of it.

Coaching – I’ve been coaching longer than I’d probably like to admit.  There’s something magical about watching a swimmer move powerfully and gracefully through the water.  Even so, my favorite part of coaching is watching a swimmer achieve his or her goal and seeing the joy and sense of achievement when it happens.  The hardest part of coaching is seeing unrealized potential.  My goal is to teach the skills that will allow an athlete to pursue their potential and then train the body to get it to that potential. 

My Family – I have been blessed with a loving and supporting husband (Bill!) and five healthy kids (Ryan, Marie, Cory, Jessica, and Aquaduck Haley).  Of course, most of you know Buck too!  I love my family.  They give me the strength and faith to do all that I do.

Jean Nelson Ducklings 1 & 2 Coach
Nathan Adrian Managing Partner
Will Copeland Managing Partner
Danielle Ogard Coach
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