Our Mission 

All Star Aquatics is a close-knit swim club that inspires and equips dedicated athletes

to achieve their full potential in a safe and supportive environment. 


Our Goals

Produce champions at all levels in all ages for lifelong competition – from the Olympic Games to Mini Meets.

Practice excellence of teaching, training and motivation at all team levels: athletes, coaches, parents, directors and volunteers.

Provide a safe and happy team environment where athletes can enjoy the company of their peers.

Share our championship attitude and form with the community.


Our Philosophy

Developing champions in the pool and life begins with a healthy winning attitude. Champions strive for excellence 100% of the time, knowing they practice the utmost to be the best they can be.

We guide and direct individuals towards maximum development of their talents and abilities. Talent is not a substitute for hard work. We help our athletes see their dreams become reality through persistent efforts.

All Star Aquatics believes in the passionate pursuit of excellence. ASA's pursuit of exceptional performance in training andcompetition teaches the values of high self-esteem, personal accountability, self-discipline, leadership, goal setting and goal achievement.

Our team's success shall be determined from selfless enthusiastic participation of athletes, coaches, parents, and volunteers.

We at All Star Aquatics know swimming is not always the easy choice. We have all wanted to quit, but finished the set. We wanted to sleep, but pulled ourselves to practice. We didn't think we could finish, but went faster. No one promised a trophy, but our rewards are greater than ever imagined. We are All Star Aquatics and we are all champions.