All Star Aquatics
Long Course (LCM) Meet Schedule
2020 Season

April 2020

4: PAC Spring Penguin Meet (SCY) at Fairland, MD (AG1 & AG2)

8-11: ISCA Elite Showcase Classic (SCY) at St. Petersburg, FL (Qualified 14&U Swimmers)

24-26: Machine LC Classic at Lee District, VA 

May 2020

2-3: FISH LC Derby at George Mason University

28-31: Super Sectionals at Richmond, VA (Qualified Swimmers)

29-31: MD States at Rockville, MD (Qualified Swimmers)

June 2020

6-7: FISH LC Meet at St. James, VA 

21: PVS LC 1 at Fairland, MD

21-28: USA Olympic Trials at Omaha, NE (Qualified Swimmers)

28: PVS LC 2 at Fairland, MD

July 2020

7: MCSL Coaches Long Course at Rockville, MD (Qualified Swimmers)

9-12: PVS LC Open Championships at University of Maryland (Qualified Swimmers)

9-12: PVS 12&Under Championships at Claude Moore (Qualified Swimmers)

16-19: PVS 13&Over Championships at University of Maryland (Qualified Swimmers)

30-2: USA Futures Championships in Columbus, OH (Qualified Swimmers)

August 2020

5-8: Eastern Zone Age Group Championships - Attending: Qualified Swimmers


Note - Please check in with your coach on whether your group plans on swimming each meet.  Schedule subject to change.