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The BLUE WAVE Boosters Association: Is a non-profit 501(c)(3) orgainzation that supports the BLUE WAVE Swim Team's competitive swim team as they create an optimum environment which enables the BLUE WAVE athletes - beginners, Olympians, and everyone in between to have equal opportunities to learn and improve at the fastest rate possible, to fulfill their maximum potential as competitors, and to develop their highest character. BLUE WAVE Boosters directly benifit all BLUE WAVE swimmers in and out of the water by providing clinics, travel fund assistance, swim meet relay expenses, financial assistance for families in hardship, social activities, incentive/rewards for all swimmers, and much more!

The BLUE WAVE Boosters Association is run by a volunteer Board of Directors elected from the membership.

Below you will find links to more pages that will continue to grow and improve. These pages are within a restricted area which only BLUE WAVE members have the proper Security Access Level (SAL) allowed. Please login using the sign-in button located on the far left of the BLUE WAVE website. If you forgot your password, please click the sign-in button and follow the link to request your password. Your password will be sent to the primary email address you provided on your swimmer(s) registration application.

As always, please feel free to make any suggestions on how to improve this part of the website. Our goal is to continue to support the BLUE WAVE Swim Team in and out of the water.


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