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The purpose of swim meets - information to help your swimmer be successful

What is the purpose of competing at a swim meet? We can compare it to a test at school. When we practice we work...

By Mike Kraeuter

Before and After the swim meet - what to bring and what to do after

How can you help your child prepare for the meet? Help them come up with a packing list for their bag, do not pack...

By Mike Kraeuter

Competition Name Caps (the green ones with your name on them) Save for Competitions

It is great to see everyone so excited to wear the team's competitions caps at practice and represent the team! However you only get...

By Mike Kraeuter

Help support and raise money for the BLUE WAVE Swim Team Boosters Club

Hi Blue Wave Swim Team Family and Friends, Please download "The Savings Nest" mobile app and help support and raise money for Blue Wave...

By Mike Kraeuter

WELCOME Coach Summer!

We are welcoming Coach Summer to the BLUE WAVE Ohana. You will see her on the deck working with the TYPHOONS, GREEN Crest, GREEN...

By Mike Kraeuter

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To develop extraordinary people through the dedication of mastery in the sport of swimming.

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