Potomac Valley Swimming
Level 1

Why a Team Uniform?

Mike Kraeuter
This season we have included our team uniform in the team registration. This is new starting this season and we want everyone’s support. I ask that you please take a moment to read some notes I have put together about the importance of a team uniform.
Fosters a sense of unity: When wearing a team uniform, you truly feel like a part of a team. It fosters team unity. Teammates who dress similarly develop a sense of solidarity and belonging, creating an atmosphere where teamwork is valued, and performance ultimately improves.
Equality: Every member of the team, from 15&O's to 8&U's, National to mini meets, parents to coaches, play an important role in this team. Having a uniform creates a sense of equality, which is important when you are developing an 'ohana. No individual is more important than any other, and that is what 'ohana is all about. It enforces the point that” we’re all in this together".
Single Identity: When you change into your team's uniform, you shed your separate identities and transform into one single unit. They bring people together and set us apart from the other teams. When you wear the team's uniform, you know you are a part of something. Visually, uniforms give a sense of working towards a larger goal. Being dressed the same immediately makes you feel more included and accepted. 
Connection: Feeling more connected with your team helps you to work better for them. We can identify each other by our uniform even though you may not necessarily know everyone on the team, but you know you are a part of the BLUE WAVE 'ohana because we have the same uniform.
Represent your community: To be recognized as a representative of a community. To be a part of a team and belong to the community. To focus attention on what really matters - swimming, racing the race and competing in the competition.
Our team’s uniform will consist of:
  • Team caps (both practice & competition)
  • Team suit
  • Team t-shirts (2)
  • Team bag
While this may seem small, the ripple effects of small things are extraordinary. This is how you make WAVES!
Thank you BLUE WAVE ‘ohana, for your support as we adopt this team uniform.