Potomac Valley Swimming
Level 1

Exciting fundraiser

Andrew Patterson
Do you like the fun events and team outings such as our upcoming holiday party or our parent’s night out that make the team special? We have partnered with a local organization called delivering delightful discounts to sell discount cards to help us put on even more fun events in the future.
  • Discount cards and pouches are $25 a piece
  • All businesses are local Loudoun county businesses ( see attached flyer)
  • To acquire discount cards for sale please contact Coach Andrew at [email protected]
  • Checks can be made out to BLUE WAVE SWIM TEAM
  • The more cards you sell the more events we will be able to host
  • Sale of cards will also help with our annual swim-a-thon
  • To help you sell more cards we have included social media attachments to simplify the process
We look forward to your help with this fundraiser and go Blue Wave!
-Blue Wave coaching staff