The Semi-Weekly Wave (1/14)

Mike Kraeuter
Mastery is the path of patient dedicated effort without attachment to immediate results. – Anon
Be committed to the process without being emotionally attached to the results.
– Hal Elrod

CANDY CANE MINI MEET…was a great one day meet for our little waves on the team. Their wonderful enthusiasm during the meet was great to see. What a great fun day of swimming!
The Following Swimmers Achieved Time Standard Improvements:
  • Cole Heflin: B-50 Back, 50 Breast, 50 Free
  • Chase Kilty: B-50 Fly, 50 Back
  • Vivian Marshall: BB-50 Fly; B-50 Breast
  • Kelsey Routman: B-50 Fly, 100 IM
  • Aaron Song: B-100 IM
Ones in BOLD are the first time standard improvement for that event discipline (they get a patch for that stroke)..

PVS JANUARY DISTANCE MEET…was a great opportunity for our swimmers to compete in the long sprint events.  The upper level squads prepare for this meet during the season.  For some it is their first opportunity to swim the longer races while others have swam them before and working on challenging themselves to swim better and faster.
The BC, GT, BT & RT squads work to swim this meet as a team during the season swimming the 500’s and 1000’s at other meets to be able to compete at this meet.
We Broke 3 Individual Team Record:
  • Sebastien Nappi broke the following:
    • The year-old record in the 11-12 1000 free by exactly twelve seconds with a 10:49.01
    • The two-year-old record in the 11-12 1650 free by almost fifty seconds with an 18:04.75
  • Andrew Char broke the following:
    • The two-year-old record in the 13-14 1650 with a 17.52.10
The Following Swimmers Achieved Time Standard Improvements:
  • Nathan Bruley: BB-500 Free, 1650 Free
  • Andrew Char: AA-1650 Free
  • Mason Egbert: B-1000 Free
  • Carly Hanlin: B-1000 Free
  • Gavin Harrison: BB-1000 Free, 1650 Free
  • Caleb Johson: B-200 Free, 500 Free, BB- 1000 Free
  • Owen Linares: B-1000 Free
  • Isabelle Nappi: AA-1650 Free, 1000 Free
  • Sebastien Nappi: AAAA-1000 Free, 1650 Free
  • Jake Rowley: B-500 Free, 1000 Free

Ones in BOLD are the first time standard improvement for that event discipline (they get a patch for that stroke)..

TEAM SPIRIT NIGHT Wednesday, January 29th from 5-8pm...
at the Chik-Fil-A in Ryan Park, 43520 Yukon Drive, Ashburn, VA 20147. Plan to give the kitchen a rest that night and join us in supporting our team and local businesses. Thank you, BLUE WAVE Boosters, for setting this up.

PARENT’S CORNER – What Parents Should Say as Their Kids Perform…
By Tim Elmore
In my work at Growing Leaders, we enjoy the privilege of serving numerous NCAA and professional sports teams each year. After meeting with hundreds of coaches and athletes, I noticed an issue kept surfacing in our conversations. Both the student-athlete and the coach were trying to solve the same problem.  What was that problem?
The parents of the student-athletes.
You may or may not believe this, but even in Division One athletics, parents stay engaged with their child’s sport, often at the same level they did through their growing up years. Moms will call coaches and advise them on how to encourage their daughter or son. Dads will call coaches and ask why their kid isn’t getting more playing time. Parents will call strength and conditioning coaches and inquire what they’re doing about their child’s torn ligament. Each of these calls is understandable. After all, no one has more at stake than the parent of a performer. They love their child; they’ve invested in their child and they want to see a “return on their investment.” Some athletes refer to their mom as their P.A. (personal assistant) or their agent. I know a mother who watches her collegiate daughter’s gymnastics practice behind the glass, all the while, calling and leaving voicemails for the coach on what should be done for her little girl. I even know sets of parents who moved into a condo across the street from their freshman athlete’s university. They didn’t want to miss a thing, and they certainly didn’t want to neglect to provide direction. I understand this. I am a father of two kids myself.
What we parents may not recognize is the pressure and angst this kind of involvement applies. May I tell you what student-athletes are telling me? MORE…

"Mediocrity; set the bar low enough and everyone can pretend to be exceptional." –Bruce E. Brown