The Semi Weekly Wave (3/6/2020)

Mike Kraeuter
How you do anything is how you do everything. Your “character” or “nature” just refers to how you handle all the day-to-day things in life, no matter how small.

Derek Sivers: Character predicts your future

CHAMPIONSHIP PEP-RALLY…was held at the FUDDRUCKERS and was the great kick off to our championship season. We ate great food, pumped up everyone and just had fun as a team. It was great to have the opportunity to connect with all of you who attended. FUDDRUCKERS also donated $100 to the team's Booster Club!

As a team we need to have a minimum of seven officials representing the team to meet the standards of the Potomac Valley Swimming.
At the moment we do not meet this requirement.
Please open your calendar and attend the clinic on May 20th. 
Wednesday, May 20th  7 PM – 10 PM at Ashburn Village  
Lakes Community Center
Swim-A-Thon and Team Fundraising - Mark your calendars for April 25th!

BLUE WAVE End of Season Banquet May 2nd from 3-6pm at the Lakes Recreation Center - Details coming soon!

PRESIDENT’S DAY CLASSIC…was a great meet for everyone. It gave our 11 & Overs an opportunity to swim at finals and our 9-10’s a chance to compete in a pentathlon of events on Saturday. We are very excited as some swimmers achieved Championship cuts, but best of all everyone swam like a champion, pushing each swim for some great performances! Way to go BLUE WAVE!!
We Broke 2 Individual Team Records:
  • Lauren Long broke the following:
    • Broke the previous ten-year-old record in the 15-18 & OPEN 400 IM record with a 4:39.41
Pentathlon Results
  • Cole Heflin – 6
  • Romir Kamat – 16
  • Everly Livingston – 4
  • Nate Rowley – 4
  • Trisha Kamat – 8
  • Vivi Marshall – 9
  • Aaron Song – 10
  • Kelsey Routman – 15
  • Ty Levin – 22
  • Amelia Vranas – 24
  • Jaiden Diaz – 6
  • Joshua Song – 10
  • Max Egbert – 13
  • Ian Ferner – 20
  • Avery Edwards – 26
  • Ella Sreniawski – 33
  • Emily Perham – 34
  • Max Maiden – 35
  • Hanna Alic – 43
The following team members either improved their score or earned their first score of the season!
9 & Unders
  • Sophie Cadd (998)
  • Trisha Kamat (1557)
  • Everly Livingston (2110)
  • Hayley Lowe (336)
  • Vivian Marshall (1239) – NEW BRONZE LEVEL MEMBER
  • Kelsey Routman (1051) – NEW BRONZE LEVEL MEMBER
  • Nathan Rowley (1834)
  • Aaron Song (1083) – NEW BRONZE LEVEL MEMBER
10 Year Olds
  • Ayla Jelali (420)
  • Sammy Landry (1382)
  • Mimi Lombardo (484)
  • Emily Perham (583)
  • Jaiden Diaz (2295)
  • Max Egbert (1281) – NEW BRONZE LEVEL MEMBER
  • Ian Ferner (1129)
  • Joshua Song (1642)
11 Year Olds
  • Charlotte Borley (767)
  • Lily Greenwood (1459)
  • Helena Pakiela (379)
  • Matthew Char (3166)
  • Keelan Delaney (528)
12 Year Olds
  • Connor Cubarney (967)
  • Caleb Johnson (1569)
  • Jake Rowley (282)
  • Jack Seweryniak (282)
13 Year Olds
  • Campbell Cowan (1040) – NEW BRONZE LEVEL MEMBER
  • Kylie Landry (2628)
  • Nathan Bruley (3567)
  • Alex Fujino Sala (778)
  • Musashi Horrigan (2342)
  • Sebastien Nappi (2446)
14 Year Olds
  • Allison Dicarlo (178)
  • Morgan Vannell (2354)
15 Year Olds
  • Ani Dykes (2329)
  • Layla Ogango (1609)
  • Daniel Hou (1503)
  • 16 Year Olds
  • Isabelle Nappi (2777)
  • Emma Vannell (2093)
The Following Swimmers Achieved Time Standard Improvements:
  • Layla Adler: BB-50 Breast, 50 Back, 50 Free
  • Max Batjargal: B-100 Back; B-50 Free, 100 IM, 100 Free
  • Charlotte Borley: B-500 Free, 100 Free, 50 Free, 200 Free
  • Nathan Bruley: A-100 Fly
  • Sophie Cadd: B-100 Fly
  • Andrew Char: A-100 Breast
  • Matthew Char: A-500 Free; BB-200 Breast; B-200 Fly
  • Cambell Cowan: B-200 Breast
  • Connor Cubarney: B-500 Free, 100 Free
  • Jaiden Diaz: BB-500 Free; A-200 IM; AA-50 Fly; A-100 Breast
  • Avery Edwards: B-50 Fly, 50 Free; BB-500 Free
  • Max Egbert: A-50 Back; B-100 Fly
  • Ian Ferner: BB-50 Back, 100 Free
  • Cooper Fox: B-100 Free; BB-200 IM
  • Alex Sala Fujino: B-200 Free
  • Lily Greenwood: B-100 Breast
  • Nick Gritai: B-100 Back: BB-50 Back
  • Carly Hanlin: B-200 Breast
  • Cole Heflin: B-100 Breast; B-100 IM
  • Katie Helge: B-50 Back, 100 IM
  • Musashi Horrigan: BB-100 Fly
  • Mejd Hutchison: B-200 Breast; B-200 IM
  • Ayla Jalali: B-200 IM
  • Caleb Johnson: BB-50 Breast, 100 IM; B-100 Fly
  • Trisha Kamat: BB-50 Fly, 50 Breast, 100 IM, 100 Back
  • Caroline Kilty: B-200 IM; BB-50 Breast, 100 Breast
  • Kylie Landry: A-100 Free, 200 Free
  • Sammy Landry: BB-500 Free
  • Everly Livingston: BB-50 Back, 100 IM; BB-100 Breast
  • Lauren Long: AAA-400 IM
  • Sukhi Mahadevan: B-50 Free
  • Max Maiden: B-50 Back
  • Owen Marshall: B-100 Free, 50 Fly
  • Vivian Marshall: BB-100 IM, 100 Back
  • Isabelle Nappi: AA-500 Free, 100 Free
  • Natalie Nicholson: B-500 Free
  • Layla Ogango: B-100 Fly
  • Emily Perham: BB-100 Back
  • Christopher Qian: A-200 Breast
  • Isabella Regal: B-50 Breast, 100 Breast
  • Annie Rieben: B-100 Free, 50 Breast, 100 IM, 100 Breast
  • Ryan Rounds: A-100 Back; AA-100 Breast
  • Jake Rowley: BB-50 Fly, 50 Back, 100 Back
  • Nate Rowley: B-200 Free; BB-100 Fly
  • Elle Santucci: AA-100 Free
  • Austin Seweryniak: B-100 Back
  • Rylie Smit: B-100 Fly, 100 Back
  • Aaron Song: BB-50 Fly, 50 Back
  • Joshua Song: A-50 Back
  • Ella Sreniawski: BB-50 Breast; B-50 Free; B-50 Back
  • Madison Vargas: BB-100 Free, 100 Back, 50 Free, 200 Free
  • Amelia Vranas: B-50 Fly
Ones in  BOLD  are the first time standard improvement for that event discipline.

WINTER GATOR MINI MEET…was a great meet for our 10 & Under TYPHOONS & GREEN Breakers on the team.  We saw some very impressive swims with great technique.  Each meet the technique aspects just keep getting better.  The coaches were happy to see all the hard work that goes into practice each session really paying off and this all resulted in some great improvements overall.
The Following Swimmers Achieved Time Standard Improvements:
  • David Antonescu: B-100 Back
  • Abigail DeLong: B-100 IM

COACH MIKE’S CORNER: Motivation Is Something You Do To Somebody While Inspiration Is Something, They Do For Themselves…
By Coach Mike
What is motivation? It is simply defined as; The act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something.
Pretty simple yet so complicated. I’m sure some of you right now are looking for motivation to continue with your new year’s resolutions, or to complete that project that is due tomorrow, heck just to complete your homework or get out of bed in the morning. In my time as a coach, athlete, student, human being on this planet I have found that it is our emotional connection to something that motivates us! Before we get to emotionally involved let’s look at the facts.
Why do we do the things we do? What is it that drives our behaviors?
Psychologists have proposed some different ways of thinking about motivation, including one method that involves looking at whether motivation arises from outside (extrinsic) or inside (intrinsic) the individual. Both types are important and have different effects on behaviors and how people pursue goals. MORE…

PARENT'S CORNER: How to Raise a Child With High EQ...
by Erin Leonard Ph.D.
The difference between enabling and empathy
Self-awareness, emotional attunement to others, and knowledge of one’s own emotional states are several qualities belonging to a person with a high EQ. A child who is self-aware, possesses insight, and is considerate of other people’s feelings is often a child who is emotionally intelligent and on the way to possessing a high EQ.   
A multitude of positive emotional qualities stem from these general capacities such as appreciation, thoughtfulness, empathy and kindness. A child who is in touch with his or her emotions, may be a child who can identify a feeling state, instead of inappropriately acting it out.
It is natural for a child to have an occasional meltdown, lapse in appreciation, or a self-absorbed moment, but most children with a healthy emotional constitution regularly exhibit conscientious capacities within the context of a close relationship.
“Thank you,” “I’m sorry,” “I made a mistake,” or “Are you okay?” A child who rarely says these without a prompt, may lack the deeper emotional aptitudes that allow a person to eventually achieve emotional intelligence. MORE...

"Mediocrity; set the bar low enough and everyone can pretend to be exceptional." –Bruce E. Brown