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BWST - Important Start of Season Information

Mike Kraeuter

Just a reminder of the 2021-2022 Practice Schedule. Please take a look to make sure that you have the times for your child's practice.

The 2021-2022 Blue Wave season starts TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 7th.  I hope your swimmers are excited as the coaches and I are.  With the start of the season, please see the below policies and procedures that are required to be followed for all practices.  As a reminder, the practice schedule can be found here.  Payments will also be taken tomorrow, 9/1.  If you are paying in full, this amount will be charged to your credit card on file tomorrow, and if you are paying monthly, your first montly payment will be charged tomorrow 9/1.  Payment amounts for your squad can be found here.  

Parent Drop Off and Pickup Information:

Until Swimmer Entrance cards have arrived, your swimmer will be entering at the side gate (by the outdoor pool).  You will drop off your swimmers by the express entrance.  Here a coach will then let them into the pool at the start of their practice time at this side gate.  When picking your child up from the pool, please make sure you are in a parking spot, and not waiting blocking traffic to the express entrance.  Your swimmer will be exiting the pool the same way they enter, so you will be able to see them coming from around the outdoor pool.

If you are wanting to watch the practice you will enter the pavilion as follows: 

  1. Residents of Ashburn Village, you are able to scan your valid membership card at the downstairs express entrance. 
  2. Non-Residents of Ashburn Village, you will enter at the upstairs main entrance. You will let the front desk know that you are there to watch BWST practice.  There will be a QR code located at the front desk that you will scan to virtually check in. 

We do ask that when watching the practices you do so from the benches, and do not interfere with the coaches when coaching. 

Swimmer Entrance Protocol:

Please make sure your swimmer arrives to the pool on time and ready to swim.  All swimmers must wear a mask until the start of their practice time, so please make sure your swimmers always have a mask with them when arriving for practice. We are asking that swimmers limit the use of the locker rooms.  Upon their entrance onto the pool deck they must sanitize their hands.   The coach will then direct them to place their swim bag on a marked area on the pool deck.  These marked areas are spaced 6 feet apart around the pool deck, and each swimmer will be assigned a spot upon entering.  The group coming in will place their items down, get ready to get into the pool, and follow the coach’s instruction on where they are to enter the pool. 

Swimmer Exit Protocol:

At the end of practice, the swimmers will be directed on which end to exit the pool.  At this time they are to return to their area on the deck, gather their belongings, place their mask back on, and then exit the same way that they entered from. 

Squad Placements:

The coaches would like to share the following:  A small note about squads and squad placements. Due to the small squad sizes we will be evaluating everyone and make sure it is the best for them during the first 2 weeks of the season. We may contact you to make changes to best serve your kids in their development. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Swimmer Equipment:

Our team store will be open soon. Each member of the team will receive two team shirts, and two competition caps. Additional team apparel will be available through the team’s store run by Cassell’s.  More information will be emailed regarding this when the team store opens.

Homeschool Prep, Typhoons, Green Crest:  The only equipment you need to bring to practice is goggles and swim cap if wanted. 

If you are in the following squads, you will need equipment:

  • RIP Tide
  • BLUE Tide
  • GREEN Tide
  • BLUE Crest

We will be using the following on a regular basis. If you could make sure to have this equipment by around the beginning of the season on Sept 7th that would be best.

Cassell's is our team's supplier and usually gives our team a discount on equipment purchased through them.


We have chosen this equipment as we have found that it works the best for our needs. If you have questions regarding other types or manufactures please consult your coach before purchasing to avoid purchasing something that makes your child's practices more difficult.

Meet Schedule

The proposed meet can be found by clicking here.  Please check out the schedule so you have an idea of the swim meets on the horizon this swim season.  Please note that this schedule is not set in stone, and at this time should merely be used as an idea of what this season may bring.

As always please reach out to me with any questions you may have.  Thanks!

Kristina Hart

Director of Swim Programs

[email protected]