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TEAM Store is OPEN - CLOSES ON 9/24

Mike Kraeuter

The team store is now open and will close Friday, September 24th at midnight.  

What is listed in the team store is our team's official outfitting for this season.
  • TEAM CAPS (Competition & Practice): Each swimmer will receive 2 silicone team caps with their last name on them which is to be worn at any and all competitions.  We highly encourage everyone to wear a team cap at practice and have those available at the team office. Wearing your meet cap at practice will make them wear out faster and we require them to swim at the competitions.  Replacement caps can be bought from the team but will not have your name on it. We have black practice caps for purchase at the swim office from your coach.
  • TEAM SUITS: Please consult Cassel's on suit sizing. It is NOT recommended to make this suit your practice suit. Racing suits need to be tight fitting and daily wear during practice will make the suit less snug fitting and less effective in races. 
    • We encourage everyong to purchase a team suit.
    • Please don't size your racing suit so your child will grow into it, it will most likely wear out before they have a chance to grow out of it.
    • If you are unable to make it to Cassel's for a team suit try on, we will have a sizing kit available in the aquatics office next week. Please note, if you go this route, coaches will not be able to help you and a parent must be present to do a suit try on.
  • TEAM SHIRTS: Everyone will receive two team shirt.  Please make sure to wear your team shirt to competitions.  Other team apparel is available for purchase through the team store from Cassel's.

A couple pieces of equipment that everyone on the team should have with them at every practice and competition are

  • Caps are required if you have long hair (even if you have short hair it is a good idea as they do help you go faster). You can get team caps from the swim office.
  • Goggles, we recommend at least 2 pairs.
  • Water bottle, preferably the non disposable kind.  Water is essential at all practices and competitions.

MARKING EQUIPMENT: Most everyone on the team will have similar if not the same exact equipment.  Please take the time to mark it somehow.  This is also a big help if your swimmer leaves anything of there's behind we can then return it to them  promptly.

​Please see the News posting on "Why a Team Uniform?" and our "Team Uniform Policy" for more information.

What is listed in the team store is our team's official outfitting for this season.

BWST will pick up all the orders at Cassel's when they are ready.

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