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Help support and raise money for the BLUE WAVE Swim Team Boosters Club

Mike Kraeuter
Hi Blue Wave Swim Team Family and Friends,
Please download "The Savings Nest" mobile app and  help support and raise money for Blue Wave Swim Team Booster Club!   Once you sign up and purchase a plan, you will have access  to money saving discounts from  over 250 Northern Virginia businesses.  Each DEAL may be used multiple times in a subscription year. 
Delivering Delightful Discounts!
Here's how it works:
1. First, grab your mobile phone and download the The Savings Nest mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store: 
2 Choose Sign Up in the menu and purchase one of the following plans:
  • A GOLD DEAL plan is $30.00. It includes DEALS / discounts for restaurants, entertainment and other services.
  • A SILVER DEAL plan is $25.00. It includes DEALS / discounts for restaurants only.
3. Select  Blue Wave Swim Team during the Sign Up process to support our fundraiser.  
4. Enjoy savings from your favorite restaurants and shops!
5 . Share our fundraiser's website  www.thesavingsnest.com  with your family and friends to raise even more money for the Blue Wave Swim Team.
Click the following link to  Sign Up!  
You may also visit  www.thesavingsnest.com  to view over 250 participating restaurants & shops…


Blue Wave Swim Team