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Membership with the DC Wave Swim Team is 12 months in duration (September-August).  Swim team members must register annually to participate in program activities and events.  The DC Wave Swim Team is a competitive swimming program.  All swimmers are expected to attend practices regularly and compete in swim meets during the season.  Swimmers are also required to wear DC Wave attire at swim meets.  

For these reasons, registration with the DC Wave Swim Team Booster club is required for participation in the program.  Swimmers who wish to advance their swimming skills, but not compete, are encouraged to enroll in DPR's Junior Wave - Swim Team Prep Course, so as to not take up a spot on the competitive team.  

All swimmers who are new to the DC Wave Swim Team, or who are returning to the team but did not participate in the most recent completed season, must attend one of our tryout sessions before registering for the swim team.  Once assessed by a member of the DC Wave coaching staff and recommended to join the swim team, your swimmer can begin the registration process at one of our practice locations.


Part 1: Registration Fee 

The program registration fee of $250.00 for DC residents ($300.00 for non-residents) must be paid to DPR for each athlete prior to participation in team workouts or meets.  You can complete your registration online here.  Swimmers who are new to the DC Wave Swim Team must attend one of our tryout sessions offered in the Fall and have been recommended for the team by a member of our coaching staff before registering.  Individuals who apply for and qualify for DPR’s reduced summer camp fee can received up to 75% off of the DC Wave Swim Team registration fee.


Part 2: DC Wave Booster Club Membership Fee

The Booster Club fee is $435.00 for the 1st Swimmer and $140 for each additional sibling.  The Booster Club fee must be paid prior to swimmers receiving their uniforms and/or participating in swim meets.  Registration for the Booster Club is done online via our swim team website.  Once you complete registration with DPR, please follow the instructions on your invoice to complete the registration process with our team Booster Club.  A payment plan for Booster Club Fees is available, but an initial deposit is required prior to swimmers being eligible to compete and/or receive their team uniform.

:::Registration Cap:::

Each year the DC Wave Swim Team sets a cap for the number of swimmers we will carry on the team for that season (September- August).  Once the team cap has been reached registration will close for the year.  Team cap size is based DPR's annual aquatics budget, projected program growth, and the number of registered swimmers the previous season.  


The DC Wave Swim Team is owned and operated by the DC Department of Parks and Recreation Aquatics Division (DPR Aquatics).  DPR covers the cost of coaches salaries, pool time, pool equipment, and athlete, coach, and club registration with USA Swimming.

The DC Wave Booster Club is the teams administrative and financial arm.  The Booster Club ensure that swimmers are outfitted with swim caps, competition suits, team apparel, covers up front club costs for entering swim meets, arranges travel and hotel accommodations for travel meets, hosts team events and fundraisers for our swimmers, and organizes our volunteers for swim meets.  

Both organizations require a registration fee from families to secure your spot on the team and cover the cost of providing these services to our membership.  USA Swimming rules prohibit Non-USA Swimming members to practice with USA Swimming Clubs and Teams.  For this reason, swimmers must be registered with DPR for the DC Wave Swim Team prior to participating in any team activities, including practices.   



 Fees DC Residents MD or VA Residents
DPR Program Registration Fee $250.00 $300.00
DPR Program Registration Fee covers the following program costs: Facilities, Coaches, Training Equipment, USA Swimming registration fees $250.00 $300.00
DC Wave Booster Club Fee (1st Swimmer) $435.00 $435.00
DC Wave Booster Club Fee (Sibling) $140.00 $140.00
DC Wave Booster Club Fee covers the following program costs: DC Wave Uniform, Team Events/Fundraisers, Awards Banquet, Team Travel, Team Building, Underwater Filming, Meet Host Sanction/Splash Fees, Fee Assistance for Championship Meets, Concessions/Hospitality, Swim Meet Administrative Supplies and Equipment.     


If the registration fee for DC Wave Swim Team is cost prohibitive to participation, DPR offers fee reduction for those families that qualify.  Fee reduction requests must be received at the time of registration in order to qualify.  Non-DC residents are not eligible for DPR fee assistance.  

If your family has an existing account with DPR, and has already qualified for a reduction of fees for other DPR programs and services, an invoice from that program verifying that your family has received a reduction in fees will suffice.  All accounts with DPR must be current and have a zero balance at the time of registration.  Qualifying individuals can receive up to 75% off of program registration fees.  

Proof of DC Residency and eligibility for the following government assistance programs are required to receive discounted rate:  

Accepted Forms of Proof of Residency:

  • Valid DC Government issued drivers license or photo ID
  • Pay Stub (no older than 45 days)
  • Utility bill (gas, electric, or water within the last 60 days)
  • Unexpired DC Motor Vehicle Registration
  • Unexpired lease or rental agreement
  • A notarized letter signed by the persons with whom you reside. Letter should include your name, your child(ren), and address, AND two pieces of mail with your current name, address, and date, must accompany a notarized letter.


Tryouts for DC Wave Competitive Swimming Program are for Developmental and Age Group Levels ONLY.  Updated tryout information (dates, times, locations, etc.) will be posted on our team website in August.

Individuals wishing to train at the Pre-Senior or Senior Levels must have times equaling or better than the Pre-Senior/Senior Training Group Time Standards.  Interested swimmer's should email Head Coach - Rob Green at [email protected] with the following information:

  • Name
  • Age and DOB
  • School
  • Current year in HS
  • Previous club team
  • Best times
  • Reason for swimming competitively and goals for this season


Individuals in Priority Registration Groups 1,2, and 3 will receive email notification prior to their designated registration period reminding them to reserve their spot for the upcoming season.  Exact dates and times of registration and tryouts will be posted on our website at the beginning of each season.  

  • Priority Registration Group #1 = Practice Attendance > 60% for the short course season (September - May) and have met the requirement of 3 swim meets
  • Priority Registration Group #2 = Practice Attendance > 40% for the short course season (September - May) and have met the requirement of 3 swim meets
  • Priority Registration Group #3 = Practice Attendance 0%-39% for the short course season (September - May) and/or have not attended 3 swim meet