Potomac Valley Swimming
Level 2



  • Meets highlighted in yellow are team hosted meet.  Volunteer support is required.
  • Championship or Qualifying Meets are Tech Suit Approved Meets. These meets are where the goal is to achieve optimal performance.
  • All other meets are considered checkpoint meets.  Best times may or may not be achieved at these meets, and that is OK. The focus of a checkpoint meet is to work out key elements of a race(s) in preparation for a Championship or Qualifying Meet.  
  • Swim meet schedule is subject to updates and changes at the discretion of the coaching staff. Any updates to the schedule will be communicated to team members in advance via email.
  • Meet sign ups will be posted online at www.dcwaveswimteam.com in advance of the meet. Email invitations will also be sent to families of eligible swimmers.
  • Meets that required qualifying times are not open to all swimmers. Please review the qualifying time standards of a meet before signing up to confirm that your swimmer is eligible and ready for that competition.