Fairfax Foxes Swimming


Multi-dimensional swimmers that begin using technique more efficiently


The SILVER Foxes group showcases athletes that have "moved-up" from a previous training group. Swimmers are primarily ages 10-12 and have polished their skills to advance their competitive swimming. This group is exposed to training for the first time while trying to prepare for the 200 Freestyle, 200s of stroke and 200 Individual Medley races. Competing at swim meets is highly encouraged at a rate of about once per month.

2020 -2021 Practice Days:

**St. James Practice: 6:30am - 7:30am on Wednesdays

Providence Practice: 8pm - 9pm on Thursdays

**Saturday Practice: 10:45am - 12noon at GMU

Sunday Practice: 9am - 10am at GMU

** Those practices with stars next to them = Silver swimmers choose one of those two options.

Required Equipment: Kickboard, Buoy, Fins, 2 Tennis Balls, Paddles, Cap, Goggles, Suit, Water Bottle