HAC has implemented the following CODE OF CONDUCT for the significant philosophy it holds concerning the proper role of parent in supporting their children in swim. Parents must read and sign this form prior to registration in the Club.

Good sportsmanship, and the inherent qualities of character-building and ethics are central to this Code, with emphasis on: Respect, Responsibility, and Fairness.

Parents therefore agree:

  1.  I will not force my child to participate.
  2. I will remember that an important end goal for my child is fun.
  3. I will, to the best of my ability, learn the rules of the sport and the policies of PVS.
  4. I will not engage in unsportsmanlike conduct with any official, coach, parent, or athlete, but will show respect for each at all times.
  5. I will not encourage unsportsmanlike behaviors in my child, or in behaviors that might endanger the welfare of other athletes.
  6. I will teach my child the necessity to play by the rules, and to engage in appropriate conflict resolution, without resorting to hostility.
  7. I will teach my child to treat other athletes, coaches, and officials with respect.
  8. I will praise my child for doing his/her best, and competing fairly.
  9. I will not ridicule my child or his/her teammates for not “winning.”
  10. I will not attempt conflict resolution between my child and another athlete, but will allow coaches to be the first avenue of conflict resolution between athletes.
  11. I will respect a coach’s time on deck and will not interrupt practice or competition in an effort to speak with a coach.
  12. I will not question, discuss, or confront a coach on deck, but will instead meet during a mutually agreed upon time and place.
  13. I will refrain from coaching my child at practice or at a meet (unless I am an official coach of the Club.)

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