Potomac Valley Swimming
Level 1

HAC Equipment List


Each swimmer will be given a team t-shirt and team cap. Swimmers should wear practice swim suits to each practice and team suits to meets. Team apparel should also be worn at meets. 


Age Group

1. Long Fins

2. Mesh Bag for wet equipment

3. Goggles (2)

4. FINIS Snorkel



1. Long Fins

2. Hand paddles

3. Mesh Bag for wet equipment

4. FINIS Snorkel

5. Goggles (2)


Silver/Gold/Senior Prep/Elite/National

1. Long Fins and Short Fins

2. Hand paddles for strength and power and hand paddles Finis Agility for technique.

3. Mesh Bag for wet equipment - swimmers are required to keep their fins and other equipment in the mesh bag except when in use during practice.

4. Parachute Finis,  National swimmers both 8” and 12”

5. Goggles (2)

6. FINIS Snorkel

7. FINIS Ultimate Drag suit

8. Pull Buoy