Registration and Payment Information

Thank you for your interest in joining Maryland Suburban Swim Club

Registration for the 2022-23 season is open for our current MSSC families.

Registration for new swimmers will begin on July 30th, 2022.

All program fees and group descriptions are posted under our “Swim Groups” tab on the website, so please make sure to review the cost of the program prior to registering. Please also read the group descriptions to ensure you are signing up for the correct/recommended program.

New swimmers will need an evaluation prior to registration. Please click "New Swimmer info" under "All about MSSC" for more information about tryouts.



Competitive Team Fees

The cost to join MSSC includes:

  • The annual team fee is $75 for returning swimmers (which includes equipment upgrade as needed up to $50) and $125 for new swimmers (which includes two team swim caps, equipment bag, kickboard, fins, car magnet, plus any equipment required by group coach, up to $75 in value)
    • Please note that any equipment purchased on behalf of the athlete in excess of $50 for returning swimmers and $75 for new swimmers will be invoiced to you by email.
    • Returning Swimmer refers to athletes who trained with MSSC in the previous season (in this case the 2022-2023 season).
  • The training group program fee is posted under our “Swim Groups” tab on the website
    • There is a 5% discount for the 2nd, 3rd, etc. swimmer in a family available to year round program registrations.
    • Meet fees are not included in the program fee. These fees will be assessed upon submission of meet entries during the season.


USA Swimming Registration

All athletes who join MSSC must also be properly registered with USA Swimming, in order to participate in swim practice, swim meets, and any dryland activities.

If your athlete has never been registered with USA Swimming before, then after your registration is approved, you will receive a link via email and you must register your athlete prior to their first practice. If your athlete is not properly registered with USA swimming, then they will not be allowed to practice with MSSC.

For athletes who are registered with USA Swimming for the current 2022 year, they will receive a link via email to renew their USA Swimming membership. This renewal must be completed before January 1, 2023, or the athlete will not be allowed to train or participate in meets with MSSC.

The cost for the USA membership will be $96 for the Premier membership and $30 for the Flex membership.  Premier membership allows athletes to participate in an unlimited number of swim meets and championship meets. The Flex membership allows athletes to participate in only 2 swim meets per registration year and is only available to the 12 and under athletes in Seasonal Programs.

Payment Plans

For the 2022-23 Season, there are two payment plans which you can choose at registration.

  • Pay in Full: The program fees will be charged in full plus the team fee on September 1. The payment will be due by September 15th. Any account paid in full by September 15th will receive a 3% (of the program fee) credit to their account to be used towards meet fees or additional equipment, etc.
  • 4 installments (only available for year round programs):  On September 1, you will be invoiced the team fee and 1/4 of the program fees. Additional payments will be invoiced October 1, November 1, and December 1 for registrations prior to September 1. Registrations after September 1 will have their additional payments on October 1, November 1 and December 1, and January 1.

Registrations after October 1, 2022, must be paid in full within 15 days of invoicing.

Any account paid in full by September 15th will receive a 3% (of the program fee) credit to their account to be used towards meet fees or additional equipment, etc.

Meet fees are not included in the program fee. Meet fees will be invoiced by email upon submission of meet entries and payment is expected within 30 days. Accounts with outstanding meet fees of more than 30 days will not be permitted to enter a swim meet until the meet fee account is brought current.


Volunteer Policy

The three (3) meets we host are an important part of funding the programs of MSSC. These meets serve as a convenience to our families in terms of location and also support the PVS community since PVS cannot host enough meets to serve all its athletes. A major challenge is staffing our meets with enough volunteers. MSSC parents are asked to support our meets in 2 ways.

1. Food Donation for the Hospitality Table:

All MSSC Families are asked to contribute $20 worth of items to the Hospitality Table. Examples are: 2 L bottles of Name brand sodas, case of bottled water, juice, Gatorade and a bakery item.

2. Each family who has a swimmer competing in a MSSC hosted meet is expected to work the session your swimmer swims up to 2 sessions per meet. Jobs sign up appears under each swim meet event so it is easy to sign up. 

3. All other MSSC families are asked to volunteer 2 - 5 hours at Christmas Champs December 2 -4, 2022.

Accounts entered in a MSSC meet will be reviewed at the end of the year and any account that has not met the required service hours for any meet will be assessed a volunteer service fee of $50.00 per meet not worked.

In addition, parents who volunteer and work for at least 2 full sessions at the MSSC run meets will have their meet fees waived for that meet.

MSSC swim meets in 22-23 season:

Christmas Champs - Dec 2-4, 2022
Spring Champs - March 24-26, 2023
Early Bird Long Course Meet - May 6-7, 2023


Responsibility for Payment of Fees

Your registration for the MSSC program is not refundable once submitted and approved.

Parents are responsible for the payment of all fees for the full season.

MSSC offers several payment options to our families. However, if your swimmer does not wish to complete the season and withdraws from the program for any reason after September 30thparents are responsible for payment of the full contracted program fee to MSSC.  All pool rental and coaching contracts are executed prior to the start of the season based upon our registration numbers and thus full program fees are essential to MSSC's operating costs. 


The first two weeks of practice September 19 – September 30, 2022 is considered a “trial period” and your swimmer may withdraw during this period having only paid the team fee, the USA registration fee (if applicable) and $100 of the program fee. Any credit on the account will be refunded.

However, if the swimmer withdraws after September 30th, MSSC is not able to provide a refund. All pool rental and coaching contracts are executed prior to the start of the season based upon our registration numbers. Exceptions may be made for military families leaving the area in service to our country and medical reasons with supporting documentation. If a swimmer decides to not complete the full season with MSSC, the family remains responsible for any outstanding fees. Also, ​there can be no proration of program fees for partial attendance of a program

Late Payment

Program fees will be invoiced and sent by email on the first of each month. Payment is due by the 15th of the month. The charge for a late payment is $30 and will be assessed to your account. Accounts over 30 days past due will be ineligible to register for swim meets. Accounts 50 days past due may be subject to suspension of training privileges

Returned check policy

The charge for a check returned from your bank is $30, which will be applied to your account. After two (2) such occurrences in a season, MSSC reserves the right to require alternate form of payment such as cashier’s check, money order or Credit card with convenience fee.