*parents – please review with your swimmers

So, you want to be in a swim meet?

  • First, Parents, check out the event section in the MSSC (Team Unify) Website. There will be a link in the email invitation you are sent to the log in email address.
  • “edit commitment” to accept the invitation or decline the invitation.
  • Choose events that your swimmer would like to swim and write in the athlete’s notes which day or day (of a multiple day meet) your swimmer is available. Make sure you note the warm up times in the description of the event, so you know if your athlete’s age group swims in morning, afternoon or evening.
  • Make sure you “save changes”
  • Coaches then go through the choices and will approve, edit or add events at their discretion.
  • IF MSSC is hosting the meet, i.e. October Open, Nuclear Racers, Christmas Champs, Spring Champs or Early Bird Long Course, then check back because JOB SIGN UP will be where you can log in a select volunteer jobs to meet your volunteer commitment.
  • Once the meet entries are sent into the host team, you will receive another email that the entries have been approved and you can log in to see what events your swimmer is swimming.
  • The meet fees will be invoiced to your account, if applicable.

Levels: Meets are organized by Open, Invitational, championship.

  • Open meets
    • Generally, have age restrictions i.e., 9 and over; 10 and under, etc.
    • Mini meets are usually for swimmers ages 8 and under.
  • Invitational meets may be 10 and under meets, or 9-12-year-old meets.
    • Some invitational meets have qualifying standards, that means the swimmer must have attained or bettered a certain time in an event. These meets sometimes have bonus events, that is if the swimmers have qualified in 2 events, they can swim the maximum allowed at the meet.
  • Championship meets have qualifying times.
    • Senior Champs
    • Junior Champs (ages 13 and over)
    • JO’s (ages 14 and under).



I’m qualified and signed up, now what?

  • Read Meet information listed under the meet name in the Events section
    • Meet announcement for venue info
    • Sign up for parent volunteers
    • Timelines
    • heat sheets (if available),
  • Arrive 15 minutes before the stated warm up time
  • Bring your MSSC gear
    • MSSC suit
    • MSSC swim cap
    • Googles
    • Parka/warm clothes/shoes
    • 3 towels
    • Healthy snacks and water bottle or Gatorade
  • Always check in with coach when you first arrive.
  • Parents should only come on deck if you are volunteering.
  • Always check with coach before you go up for your race and immediately after your race.
  • Always ask the timer for your time!
  • Stay in team area and ask coach if you need to use restroom or go talk to parents.
  • Do not talk to officials; they are busy. IF you have a problem come talk to your coach. (i.e., you miss your race, forget to ask for your time, etc.)
  • Parents – please no photography on the pool deck, especially behind the blocks
    • Please note that the use of cell phones behind the starting blocks anytime during warm up or competition is banned.
    • NO photography in locker rooms
    • Parents working as meet support staff should not take advantage of their position on the deck to film their child’s races.


What’s next? Swim fast and Have FUN!