Occoquan Swimming

Why choose us?

We are pleased to offer a variety of options for swimmers of all ages, swimming backgrounds, and commitment levels. 
From the beginner to the advanced swimmer, Occoquan Swimming (OCCS) offers a comprehensive program for every child at every level.
Our programs are led by our amazing staff of caring and experienced coaches & instructors who believe in helping each child build confidence, character & success.

Competitive Swim Programs: One of a Kind

Occoquan Swimming’s (OCCS’) competitive program is geared toward the long-term development of each individual athlete. An expertly designed, long-term approach of gradually increasing degrees of commitment around the building of skills. Each level is formulated to provide specific training and instruction to help foster development toward reaching peak performance within a season and throughout their swimming career. Before deciding to join a specific group, please be sure you are clear about which level is best for your swimmer based on a coach’s feedback (assessment or recommendation).

Streamline (non-competitive) Programs: Entry Into the Swimming World 

As an entry into the swimming world or a supplement to other sports, kids of all ages & abilities have the opportunity to build their skills with flexible scheduling, lower costs & no competitions throughout the year. This program is a great transition to the competitive team or to build into a high school/summer season.
Whether your child has taken swim lessons before or swam competitively in the past, our Swim Academy’s Streamline Programs offer kids the opportunity to continue discovering their love for the sport of swimming and expand their skills and fitness level.

Occoquan Swim Academy’s (OSA’s) Swim Lesson Program: Swim Like A Fish

From six months & up, there is a place to learn, perfect & build swimming skills for kids of all ages. Check out our swim lesson options & swim like a fish in no time!