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Occoquan Swimming achieves excellence through individualized growth and team unity by providing quality leadership and instruction. We maintain a safe and supportive team environment where every swimmer is encouraged to build friendships, hard work, and have fun in the process of their development. We provide the motivation and discipline necessary to develop skills and self-esteem, resulting in a winning experience.

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IMX Swimming Out of the Pool

If you have any questions about the material, feel free to email Coach Lauren at

Remember to catch the Weekly Wednesday Zoom Meetings at 3 p.m. You can find the meeting information in the emails sent out and documents provided.

The lessons are constructed using the OCCS and USA Swimming Student Athlete Progressions. Every group has their own progression and goals, with the material changing and becoming more complex or in depth as you progress through the team.

The models present sections for Biomechanics, Physiological, Character & Life Skills, Psychology, Training goals and Competitive goals. Swimmers from other groups are welcome to look at the material, but keep in mind that the material presented is important for IMX swimmers to know before moving up to the next group. Every section has subsections as well and you may have noticed that I identify these through titles with the Main Section: Subsection.

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