Deca Fall Fundraiser
10 Weeks - 10 Challenges & Raising Money Along the Way!
Time: 12:00 AM
EIN: 54-1463343
Central Park Aquatic Center
Lauren Kranz Email
The clock is started. We are excited for this year's BIG team fundraiser and hope to raise a ton of money for our Team. As a non-profit organization, the monthly dues that we charge our families are only part of the money required to cover all of the operational costs our Team sees each year.

We run different fundraisers throughout the season, but this one will put swimmers through 10 challenges to see how many yards the Team can complete. (Over 1 Million?)

This family friendly event, along with our athletes fundraising participation, helps raise money from friends and family that is critical to financially helping out our team.

Participants | Rank 0/600
$1,050.00 Clara Condon
$1,005.00 Benjamin Huffman
$1,000.00 Peter Davis
$900.00 Joseph Gray
$650.00 Noah Cioffi
$650.00 Caylin Cioffi
Top Roster (amount)
$2,745.00 National Training Group
$1,500.00 MC-Junior Olympic 14
$1,325.00 MC-Senior
$1,000.00 MC-Senior Select
$678.33 PWE-Advanced 2 Max/Flex (4x+) (M-Sa)
Top Locations (amount)
$5,475.00 *Manassas Central (MC)
$2,745.00 *National Training Group (NTG)
$2,580.00 *Prince William East (PWE)
$375.00 *Warrenton (WARF)
$120.00 Unassigned