Occoquan Swim Academy Learn-To-Swim

Welcome & Thank you for your interest in Occoquan Swim Academy.

Swim lessons from Occoquan Swim Academy are offered year-round at Central Park Aquatic Center in Manassas.  Group lessons are offered to participants 3 years and up however we also offer options for a parent-tot experience for babies & tots under 3 years old as well as adult lessons.  If you do not find a class or time that works for you, do not hesitate to reach out and we will see what we can do to make something work for you and your child. 

OSA curriculum saves lives and teaches effective, efficient, fast swimming.  A systematic approach to building foundational skills provides the tools needed to help your kids stay safe in the water and swim like a FISH. 

OSA classes are small. Most classes are kept at a max of 3 students at a time, offering plenty of one-on-one attention while helping the kids work together and learn from each other along the way. 

OSA instructors are amazing.  With backgrounds in competitive swimming our instructors have learned from numerous coaches and teachers through their own careers.  Our training also provides a simple progression that allows kids to learn effectively and progress at their own pace. 

OSA swimming pool is filled with warm (88 degrees), clean water.  With an upgraded filtration system, UV disinfection along with a small dose of chlorine, the water is safe and clean for all ages.

Safety, systems, instructors and fun, your kids will be swimming like a FISH in no time.  OSA offers four levels of learning to swim to progress young swimmers from learning foundational skills to being ready to join a swim team.



Swim Foundations participants will learn the required skills to start their journey in learning to swim effectively.  Through a child-centered, activity-oriented approach--coupled with unique skill progressions, swimmers build on their love of the water and being safe in and around that pool.  There are two levels of Foundations; in order to progress to level 2 all skills from level 1 must be competed multiple times. 

Swim Foundations 1 Skills Taught
Breath             Submerge; Bubbles; Breath Control
Body                Front Float (Head Down); Back Float (10 Seconds Each)
Propulsion       Kick with barbells
Safety              Jump in turn & reach for the wall

Swim Foundations 2 Skills Taught
Breath             Front float with breath; Advanced Breath Control; Surface Dive
Body                30 second floats on front and back
Propulsion       10 yards kid on front and back
Safety              Jump in with clothes on & get back to wall 


Prerequisite: Completion of Swim Foundations Level 1 & 2 Skills 

In the Intermediate program, your child will learn how to swim the formal strokes of freestyle and backstroke in addition to introduction of the advanced skills of butterfly and breaststroke kick. 

Intermediate Skills Taught
Breath             Float sequence with breath; 5 yards kicking with breath hold
Body                Streamline kicks
Propulsion       12.5 yards of basic freestyle & backstroke; 5 yards of fly kicks; intro to breaststroke
Safety              Tread water for 20 seconds


Swim Strokes
Prerequisite: Completion of the Intermediate Swim Program

Swim Strokes program is drill-oriented with unique skill progressions for developing swimmers that can cross the entire pool (25 yards).

Swim Strokes Skills Taught
Breath             Side breathing for freestyle  
Body                Side kicking; front wall push-off (ready position)  
Propulsion       25 yards of freestyle & backstroke, 12.5 yards of fly kick, 5 yards breast kick  
Safety              Tread water for 30 seconds; surface dive & retrieve


High Skills Strokes
Prerequisite: Completion of Swim Strokes Program or swim Freestyle with side breathing for 25 yards.

In the Advanced Swim Strokes program, your child will learn the advanced skills of Breaststroke and Butterfly, as well as refine and further develop the Freestyle and Backstroke.

Advanced Swim Strokes Skills Taught
Breath             Breaststroke and Butterfly breathing  
Body                Undulations for breast & fly; underwater push off on back  
Propulsion       50 yards freestyle swim; 12.5 yards breaststroke and butterfly swim  
Safety              Tread water for 1 minute