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Aaron Dean

Occoquan Swimming News Splash

Friday, February 26, 2021
News from the Head Coach/ CEO


Practices Saturday 2/26 (there is no practice at Colgan High School on Saturday)  

MC IMR 8-9am (Shaw CPAC)

MC & PWE IMR+ 9:00-10:30am (CPAC)

MC & PWE IMX 10:45am-12:30pm (CPAC)

MC Senior & Pre-Senior 5:45-7:45am (Freedom)

PWE Pre-Senior & Senior 7:15-8:45am (CPAC)

WARF  IMR+ 8-9:30am (WARF)

WARF IMX/ Pre Senior 8-10am (WARF)

NTG 5:00-7:00am (CPAC)

Good Afternoon, 

Wow!  What a stretch of swim meets we had.  Since January 16 we have had a swim meet going on at some level every weekend with one more to go this weekend.  We will be hosting one more meet for our partners from Maryland, Rockville Montgomery Swim Club, at CPAC on Saturday afternoon and we also have some OCCS high school age swimmers competing at a meet at Colgan this weekend to make up for being moved from the DMV Sr. Showcase last weekend. 

There was an updated team record from last weekend’s meet at the Freedom Center.  Abby Daniel (17) improved her previously owned all-time team record in the 17 & over girls 200 fly racing to a 2:02.09. 

The PVS WAVE meets are online and ready to sign up for.  However please make sure you clearly know where your swimmer should sign up. They may only swim ONE meet in March!  Entries for the WAVE meets are due by Sunday, February 28.  Note that swimmers may swim ‘bonus events’ if there is space.  The bonus structure allows for swimmers to compete in up to three non-qualified events for the weekend meet:

Athletes who qualify for and enter one individual event may enter up to three bonus events. Athletes who qualify for and enter two individual events may enter up to two bonus events. Athletes who qualify for and enter three or more individual events may enter one bonus event.

There are also two meets that will be posted shortly for more swimmers to compete. 

            MAKO Showcase meet is for swimmers 11-14 years old.  OCCS only has space for 16 swimmers per session.  Placement will be determined by IMX score and an eligibility list will be posted shortly.  After swimmers that qualify for the JO Champs (WAVE 4) are taken out, the next highest IMX scores in each age group will be invited to fill our allotment of space. This meet is being held at CPAC. 

            MAKO Spring Fling is for swimmers of all ages that did not have a place in the other meets during the month of March.  This meet will be held at the St. James in Springfield. 

We are working on a proposal for Potomac Valley Swimming (PVS) to provide a uniform streaming service for all four WAVE meets that will be provided by PVS.  As I have heard from many of you in the past few months about the impact our streaming has had on your ability to watch from home or across the country, I want to ask your help. 

OCCS LIVE STREAM REQUEST: I will be presenting to the PVS Board of Directors next week a plan that will align the six meets that are being provided with a single streaming service using the technology and infrastructure developed by OCCS coaches (namely our IT engineer, Nick Kulick) to stream our swim meets with a high-quality viewing experience.  The proposal will incorporate a price for viewing the stream.  As much as we would like to offer the service for free, there is a significant cost that has gone into building the systems, installing, testing and more.  We will also need to build two new systems to accommodate the streaming services around the pools. 

Additionally, PVS is planning for a deficit of over $20,000 in March to operate the meets, so they do not have the funds to purchase the systems and manage them for all the meets for free.  So, a subscription for viewing would be the only option if there was demand for a high-quality stream.  Otherwise, many of the meets will be streamed with an iPad and on Facebook under a budget of $600. 

I need some help in getting your thoughts about watching swimming from home (or parking lots).  I know as a parent that I want to watch my kids’ endeavors as much as possible.  Attending an exciting event is great for the kids, but as a parent I want to see them in action, help them learn from the experience and feel the excitement (or disappointments) that they feel by competing.  I want to see them perform, but I would also love to share those experiences with my family that lives across the country.  I’ve watched a number of other swim meets (non-OCCS hosted) over the past couple months and have been frustrated with the quality of the stream, lack of knowledge of who is swimming, what the result times are and limited visibility.

What do you say?  I would like to get your thoughts that I can share with the Potomac Valley Swimming Board of Directors.  Good, bad, or indifferent. 

If you can spare 5 min, here is the survey that will be open for the next 24 hours.  It will close at 1pm on Saturday, February 27. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TT95893

Have a great weekend!

Coach Aaron

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