OCCS: News Splash 9/17/2021

Aaron Dean

Occoquan Swimming News Splash

Friday, September 17 2021
News from the Head Coach/ CEO

Good Afternoon,

With the first week wrapping up, we are getting into a groove with practices.  We have made several adjustments to get everyone all set in the right level and settled into a group that will support the growth and improvement over the course of the season.  If you have questions about your swimmer’s placement, please reach out to your swimmer’s coach.  After next week we are set until possible adjustments in December. 

Things really get moving in the coming weeks with events on consecutive weekends, plus the Decathlon Challenge and Fundraiser.  Please be sure to stay up to date by following the newsletter and other important emails that come through.  We also use Facebook a lot to help share reminders.  Even if you don’t use Facebook, make a ghost account to connect to OCCS.  We also connect with Twitter and Instagram to share promotional materials, announcements and achievements. 


Next weekend we send a squad to Smith Mountain Lake for the East Coast Open Water Swimming Championships. TODAY is the last day to sign up if you were waiting to register, do it now! We are also offering an option to travel with the team (note there is a separate sign up process if you plan to ride with team). 

October 2 & 3 we invite the entire competitive team to start the season with a mixture of freestyle distances.   We will have at least two teams joining us adding some great competition to the pool.  Note that the information and sessions as posted (shortly) may change to split genders to accommodate what we expect for the weekend as Machine Aquatics and a site of NCAP swimmers from Loudoun County will join us.  Entries are due no later than Thursday, September 23 and late entries may not be accepted.  For our new families, we will have a lot more information about what to do at a USA Swimming meet and the protocol for COVID mitigation as we get closer. For returners from last season, you’ll find that for at least this first meet things will feel like last winter/spring with masks being required throughout the facility and staging prior to events.  More details will be provided when we get closer to the event.  As you are signing up for events, please follow your swimmers’ coach advice on which events to enter.  In general JO level swimmers, senior select and NTG should enter all four events offered for their age group (50, 100, 200, 500 free).  Swimmers from the medley, advanced and senior groups, please follow the recommendation from your coach.  Note we will be asking for lots of help from parents to help with meet operations (timers, marshals, hospitality, etc.).  Another factor to consider when signing up is that we will not have space for spectators in the facility, so note that although we have a lot of coaches and people helping with the kids, there is a level of independence that is required at our meets for the young kids.  We will have a live stream on our YouTube channel www.YouTube.com/OccoquanSwimming that will present all of the swims in a format that can be viewed on most any device with internet access. 


The clinics we are offering provide a focused session of working on skills and more to help individual needs.  If your swimmer needs some extra special attention and help in understanding how to swim their best, check out the clinics!  The first one this coming weekend is a session to help anyone new or needing a refresher on what to do in an open water competition.  Details are below on how to sign up. 


As a non-profit organization Occoquan Swimming is looking to partner with local businesses.  If you own or work for a business that would benefit from sharing your products or services to swim families, take a look at our partnership program.  With over 1300 participants in our programs in the area and exposure to 10,000 more swim families through the upcoming swimming competitions and live stream, we have a great audience of active, families with growing kids. Now is a great time to align with the winning team!  

Have a great weekend! 

Coach Aaron  

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