Commitment to Character, Teamwork & Competitive Excellence Since 1986 

Occoquan Swimming achieves excellence through individualized growth and team unity by providing quality leadership and instruction. We maintain a safe and supportive team environment where every swimmer is encouraged to build friendships, hard work, and have fun in the process of their development. We provide the motivation and discipline necessary to develop skills and self-esteem, resulting in a winning experience.

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Occoquan Swimming operates in six pools in the area, with over 50 different roster groups for around 600 swimmers. Among our focus of building each individual into a confident and successful swimmer, we are driven to bring the TEAM together. We have the largest swim team exclusively practicing in Prince William and Fauquier Counties however, we continue to prioritize being a family and keeping a family environment throughout the team. With you and your swimmer(s) we look forward to continuing to build our family bond with trust, support, care and structure.


To support your child’s endeavors and provide you with membership service excellence, you have a coaching staff, team administrators and a board of directors that all take a lot of pride in what OCCS has become. We anticipate this pride and enthusiasm to be contagious to each swimmer and each member of the team.