Commitment to Character, Teamwork & Competitive Excellence Since 1986 

Occoquan Swimming achieves excellence through individualized growth and team unity by providing quality leadership and instruction. We maintain a safe and supportive team environment where every swimmer is encouraged to build friendships, hard work, and have fun in the process of their development. We provide the motivation and discipline necessary to develop skills and self-esteem, resulting in a winning experience.

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Platinum Partnership $1,600/ Year

  • Display printed collateral and business cards at Central Park Aquatic Center (CPAC).
  • Exhibit w/ info table at Occoquan Swimming and open house events at CPAC.
  • Display logo on Occoquan Swimming's website with a link to your website or custom site.
  • List your business as a partner in OCCS Weekly Newsletter.
  • Include your business ad in each OCCS Weekly Newsletter with link to your website or custom site.
  • Create buzz with up to four email campaigns throughout the year (i.e., Group-On, Discounts, Incentives, etc.).
  • Take the opportunity to leverage your brand as a meet sponsor at OCCS hosted meets throughout the year.
  • Showcase the excellent work you are doing in your community with an impact photo posted on Occoquan Swimming’s website and our social media sites.
  • Introduce yourself to a new audience or expand your audience base through our social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+).
  • Share your message with live stream Business Highlight Interview as our "Partner(s) of the Year" (we will share the interview on our social media sites).
  • Receive wall plaque for your place of business.
  • Receive recognition and invitation to end of year swim team banquet.