Chinquapin 22-23 Registration

Open for Returning Members

5/11/22 - 4/30/23

Open for New Members

6/1/22 - 4/30/23


Potomac Marlins Membership Contract

Thank you for choosing the Potomac Marlins U.S.A. Swimming Team.  It is our honor and privilege to be a part of your swimmer's social, emotional, and physical education and we enthusiastically welcome them into our family of hard-working, goal driven, team-spirited student athletes. The following information is offered to aid and assist you with the on-line registration process. PLEASE read to the bottom carefully because THERE HAVE BEEN CHANGES.  If you need assistance or encounter problems at any point, please contact the REGISTRAR right away. 

Procedure:  The on-line registration procedure is simple.  Upon completion you will gain access to your private account which will allow you to sign-up for swim meets, volunteer jobs, and various team events.  Account access will also enable you to view your swimmer's meet time history, maintain personal contact and payment information and more.

  1. Be sure there is space available in the program on the days you would prefer prior to initiating the registration procedure. The Practice schedule page will typically indicate if specific days of the week are available or FULL. You must also contact the primary deck coach of the facility to be sure there is space, priorto initiating the registration process. Your primary facility coach's contact email is located on the Practice Schedule HUB page under the TEAM INFO tab. ALSO, be sure your swimmer is approved by the deck coach for their Registration Group prior to initiating the on-line registration process. Placement evaluations are required for all new members. Placement evaluation information can be found under the NEW MEMBER and TEAM INFORMATION tabs on the website homepage.

  2. NOTE:  You must complete the registration process in one sitting.  If you wait, it will timeout and you will have to start again.

  3. Be sure to have a credit card and/or checking account information prior to entering the system. Please note that we do NOT accept paper checks for team payments. Only credit card or ACH electronic check deposits are accepted. *Be sure which form of payment you want to use. If you choose a credit card, but decide later to switch to ACH, Team Unify will still charge you the full service fees and will not refund them. Credit card information is taken during the registration process.  For ACH, you will need to log into your account, once it is "approved by the registrar" and made acitve, to enter your checking account information.

  4. Look carefully at the practice schedule before starting the registration process and be 100% certain of your approved Registration Group. (pool, program, time of day, days of week, and 9 or 11 months). You have already selected CHINQUAPIN as your pool location, but will need to choose the program for which you have been approved. 

  5. For the purpose of assuring we deliver the correct outiffing package, we have included a question on the google form. Be sure to know which year your swimmer is in with the Potomac Marlins and which outfitting packages they have already received. Outfitting package information can be found under the TEAM INFO tab on the web site home page.

  6. Be sure to have Emergency Contact and Medical History/Contact information on hand.

  7. Be sure to have the mailing address, phone and e-mail contact information for all responsible parents/guardians.

  8. Complete all required info on the Registration Contract and submit.  If paying by credit card, your card will be charged immediately. If paying by ACH, the payment will be processed on the first day of the next month starting on July 1st.  Please remember, payments are non-refundable once made.

  9. If you do not receive an immediate e-mail confirmation receipt for your registration form, something did go wrong and your registration was not received.  Please contact the Registrar. The receipt confirms that your registration went through.

  10. Once your Registration Contract has been accepted and approved, you will receive an e-mail with your system log-in instructions. Registration approvals will begin on June 1st. Please allow up to 3 days for the registration approval process. At that point, we recommend you log in and confirm all of your information and make any necessary changes or additions. Always log in to double check that you selected the correct payment form to "use with all fees associated with my account."

We look forward to having you join the Potomac Marlins and are excited for another great season!

Coach Barry and Coach Bill Marlin

Potomac Marlins Swimming