To inspire an athlete's DREAM, to DEVELOP and maximize individual performance, and to DELIVER individuals to their highest potential.



The Potomac Marlins aspire to be among the nation's most successful Age Group/ Developmental programs by virtue of our ability to consistently produce USA National level competitors and future NCAA athletes.  Our goal-driven, innovative approach to coaching and teaching, which employs a well-designed balance of uniquely creative and scientifically traditional methods, assures a practice environment which is both FUN and highly challenging for all ability levels and individual goals.

Potomac Marlins is committed to providing a safe environment for all participants including swimmers, coaches, and parent officials and volunteers.  To support this pledge we have comprehensive athlete protection policies and guidelines in place which can be located within the SAFE SPORT link on the home page.



Potomac Marlins acknowledges and stands in solidarity with community groups, public and private service organizations, and individuals working to peacefully defend, protect, and advance human and civil rights.  We, as educators, mentors, and role models for the young athletes in our care and under our supervision, are committed to “REACHING DEEPER”, as our team motto suggests, not only to discover the strength and character to push ourselves beyond our physical limitations, but also within our hearts and minds as we learn to recognize and confront social injustices  and  advocate for positive change whenever and wherever needed.

As swimmers, the road map to success is having a dream, setting goals, working together within teams, within practice groups, and within the swimming community as a whole, pushing one’s preconceived limits daily, never giving up, and eventually, collectively rejoicing in the hard-fought successes gained through perseverance and passion.  As community leaders, the Potomac Marlins will strive to follow a similar plan of action and continue to seek input, listen to, and learn from our fellow citizens and teammates on diversity and racism concerns.  We will be an ally for equal justice and opportunity and work towards improving our collective experience in the pool, on the deck and in our communities.   

This is what we need more of in the world and we are proud to know, wholeheartedly, that USA Swimming, Potomac Valley Swimming, Potomac Marlins Swimming, our coaches, our swimmers and our families will all be first off the blocks, leading the way, and always REACHING DEEPER.

Barry and Bill Marlin
Potomac Marlins USA Swim Team