In the fall of 1993, after several years of coaching in the Potomac Valley U.S.S. league, Barry & Bill Marlin formed a small one time per week stroke instruction class which was designed to compliment the competitive swimmer's normal workout schedules. They called the classes Stroke Workshops wherein the intent was to break down each swimmers strokes and experiment with new drills and techniques in conjunction with the tried and tested drills. This helps each swimmer develop a personal awareness of stroke mechanics and facilitates greater performance potential. After a successful initial year with this individualized and non-competitive approach to stroke technique instruction, the Marlins were encouraged by several Workshop parents and previous swim team members to use their knowledge and skills to initiate a new Potomac Valley USS competitive swim team founded on the same principles of sportsmanship, competition, team spirit, and individual attention emphasized in their Stroke Workshops.

In their first season (94-95) as an official Potomac Valley team the Potomac Marlins had assembled a team of 80 swimmers and had a fantastic inaugural season culminating with a good showing at Age Group Championships with a 17th place finish out of 30 teams. At this time Bill & Barry Marlin were the only coaches on staff but that quickly changed as our second season got underway with a new team of 150 swimmers. The second season (95-96) was marked by the first two assistant coaches, Gary Leslie & Kayte Comes, our first three Eastern Zone qualifiers, and a 9th place finish at Age Group Championships. Our third season saw the creation of the Mini- Marlins Developmental team which helped expanded the team to 185 swimmers. In the team’s third season the Marlins sent 3 new swimmers to Eastern and had their first 2 Junior National Qualifiers. The team placed 8th in the Potomac Valley Senior Championships that season and catapulted to an amazing 5th place finish in the Age group Championship meet (just 12 points from 4th).

The first 3 seasons were certainly a whirlpool of excitement as we watched the team become one of the top competitive teams in the area. As the team continues to grow in size, skill, maturity, experience, the Marlins and their assistant coaching staff will continue to be committed to the principles that all swimmers will be treated equally and be given the attention and guidance necessary to attain whatever goals they may establish for themselves. We look forward to expanding upon the exciting history of our team and to becoming a future force in US Swimming.