Jen grew up in the burbs outside of NYC. Although being an instant swimmer at age 3, her athletic endeavors began as a cyclist; entering any road races that permitted a 10 year old. Swimming only became serious business when the prerequisite to becoming a lifeguard was to swim the 500 free under 8 minutes (boy times have changed). This started her love for distance swimming.  Fast forwarding a decade or two, while trying to achieve a “b” cut in marathon, she has been ranked Age Group All American Triathlete, New England tri tour points champion, five year in a row Team USA ITU Long Course member, as well as earning several major brand sponsorships.

Professionally, this will mark her 21 st year as a swim coach. She has dedicated her entire professional career to the sport; absorbing everything she could and sacrificing many, many things along the way. After meeting the Education , swimmer Achievement , and coaching Experience the American Swimming Coaches Association sets forth, she has achieved Level 3 coach credentials. After 10 year in Metropolitan Swimming, Jen accepted a position with Clearwater Aquatics in Florida as Head Masters coach and Head Age Group Coach. Although her experience has helped swimmers reach USAT Pro Status, USA Swimming Olympic Trials, Senior and Junior Nationals, Zones and JOs, she truly believes it is ALL the amazing (and even the not so amazing) coaches in their lives that help form, inspire and drive them to achieve the best of themselves. This is why it is important to her to be part of an organization that believes this too.