Fill in the Order Form from the Documents tab and then email, mail or hand deliver your order form to Coach Heather. Please remember to include size and color choices when appropriate and to specify the name you want to appear on any personalized caps.  


Competition Swim Caps
Standard Caps Black with team logo Standard $5.00
Silicone Caps
More gentle on your swimmer's hair
Black w/ team logo Silicone $15.00
Personalized Competition Swim Caps Latex w/swimmer name & team logo
(minimum order of 4 caps required)
First Name: ______________
Last Name: _______________
for 4
Silicone w/swimmer name & team logo
(minimum order of 2 caps required)
First Name: ______________
Last Name: _______________
for 2

Team Parka

Black & gold w/ team logos XXS  XS  S  M  L  XL

Warm-Up Jacket 

(2 versions: one with hood one without hood)

black & white

XS    S     M     L    XL

Hood OR No Hood

Warm-Up Pants black XS    S     M     L    XL $25.00
Sweatshirt Grey OR Black  YM  YL  S  M  L  XL $35.00
NEW  Quarter Zip Pullover Black w/ team logo S       M       L       XL $40.00
NEW Pajama Pants Black  & Gold w/ team logo YM    YL    S    M    L $25.00
Team T Shirt This would be in addition to the one giving to your swimmer  YL XS  S M L XL XXL




Backpack Black & Gold w/team logo   $60.00 Large backpack
Fins Standard rubber Provide Shoe Size $25.00
Paddles   XS      S       M        L $18.00
Pull Buoy     $10.00
Snorkel     $40.00
NEW Kick Board Black w/ team logo   $18.00
NEW Team Water Bottle Camelbak w/ team logo   $20.00 Camelbak Water Bottle
Mesh Gear Bag Black w/ team logo   $16.00
Team Logo Car Magnet     $5.00
Team Logo Towel Black w/ team logo   $20.00

New additions:

MAKO Shorts (Mens $20, Womens $23)







MAKO Reversible Tank Top $20


MAKO Visor (White or Black) $15

Prices subject to change without notice.