YMCA Metropolitan Washington Athletic Teams Code of Conduct


As representatives of the YMCA Metropolitan Washington Athletic Teams, athletes are expected to speak and behave in a manner that is respectful, honest and caring. If each athlete is mindful of these traits, appropriate conduct should never be an issue. These guidelines are to be followed by YMCA athletes at all practices, meets and other team functions.

The following behaviors are not acceptable and may result in discipline/suspension from the team:

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct – taunting, teasing, or speaking negatively about teammates, competitors, officials, or coaches

  • Disrespecting coaches, frequent tardiness, interrupting practice for teammates

  • Inappropriate and/or unprofessional relationships and interactions with coaches,

    instructors and supervisors

  • Use of inappropriate, strong, or vulgar language or gestures

  • Lying, deceit, dishonesty

  • Littering, abuse or misuse of equipment, furniture, or other items of property

    The following discipline model will be followed if any athlete is found behaving in a manner outside of the YMCA Character Values or any of the above behaviors:

    • First incident will be a verbal warning

    • Second incident will be a written warning/parent meeting

    • Any other incident will result in termination from the program

      Parents will be requested to meet with the Team Director and the Head Coach any time an athlete violates the YMCA Code of Conduct and will be notified by the Team Director of the necessary discipline measure that may result. Refunds for the program and/or meet fees will not be given due to a suspension or removal from the program. All future payments will be canceled in the event of removal.

The following actions will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the team:

  • Verbal or physical abuse toward others

  • Theft of any kind

  • Vandalism or any destruction of property, public or private

  • Use of tobacco products or other illegal substances while on YMCA property, at

    practices, meets, or team functions

  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages or other illegal substances while on YMCA

    property, at practices, meets, or team functions

  • Sexual activity or inappropriate contact while on YMCA property, at practices,

    meets, or team functions

    Dress Code:

    Athletes are expected to dress with dignity and appropriate taste whenever they are representing the team. This includes going into and out of practices, meets, and team activities. Athletes should not show any part of their undergarments (boxer shorts, bra straps, etc. outside of their clothing. Skirts and shorts musts be an appropriate length. Athletes should monitor the condition of their uniforms so that they are not worn when they no longer provide adequate coverage and support.

    I agree to abide by the above mentioned guidelines and understand the disciplinary action that will be taken if my child does not adhere with the YMCA of Metropolitan Washington Code of Conduct.


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