YMCA Silver Spring

Piranha Team Guidelines 2022-2023


As a member of am YMCA Metropolitan Washington Athletic Team, athletes are expected to speak and behave in a manner that is respectful, responsible, honest, and caring. If each athlete and their family is mindful of these traits, appropriate conduct should never be an issue. These guidelines are to be followed by YMCA athletes at all practices, meets, and other team functions.

  1. All swimmers must regularly attend meets. Swimmers in Bronze, Silver and Gold Squads should attend all dual meets and are encouraged to attend at least one invitational each month and at least one end of the season championship meet including C&P Sub-District Championships and/or East Field South District Championships. Swimmers in White and Red Squads are asked to attend all dual meets and are encouraged to attend 2-3 invitational meets during the season including at least one end-of-the season championship meet including 8&Under Championships, C&P Sub-District Championships and/or East Field South District Championships. Members of the Mini Squad are encouraged to attend at least one dual meet during the season.
  2. All families are asked to volunteer for a minimum of eight (8) hours during the regular season (October 2022 -May 2023).
  3. All swimmers are expected to purchase a team suit. Team suits (and other gear) will be available for purchase from a retailer chosen by the team in the beginning of the season, after that time suits may or may not be available for order until the next swim season, depending on the supplier. Team caps are required at ALL meets, one cap will be given to each swimmer at the beginning of the season, and additional caps are available for purchase through the team.
  4. All swimmers are required to be prepared for practice with a one piece suit for girls and a jammer for boys, goggles, cap, and a water bottle. Swimmers may NOT wear their current team suit at practice. Extra goggles are recommended as they break easily and there is no guarantee that an extra pair will be available.
  5. All swimmers are expected to dress with dignity and appropriate taste whenever they are representing the team. Athletes should monitor the condition of their swim suits so that they are not worn when they no longer provide adequate coverage and support.
  6. Unsportsmanlike conduct such as taunting, teasing, or speaking negatively about teammates, competitors, officials, or coaches is not acceptable.
  7. It is expected that our swimmers will have a positive attitude about practice and participation on the team realizing that a negative attitude will affect other swimmers around them.
  8. It is the responsibility of the parent AND swimmer to be aware of meet dates, meet entry due dates, event dates, practice schedules (including days off), warm-up times, and all other times and schedules relative to their swimmer. All events and days off will be published on the team web page www.piranhasyss.org on the calendars tab at least one month prior to an event when possible or an email blast will be sent for any changes to the calendar made within the month time frame. In event of a practice cancellation due to weather or facility issues an email will be sent to the email address(es) attached to the Team Unify web page.
  9. It is expected that the swimmer will arrive on time to practice and meet warm-up as any tardiness disrupts the flow of practice and/or warm-up.
  10. Please remember that if your child is under 12 years of age an adult must be present at the YMCA during all practices and must sign out the swimmer(s) at the end of practice with one of the coaches.
  11. All swimmers take responsibility for their results. Our coaches, parents, and YMCA staff will create the best possible environment possible for success, but our swimmers are ultimately the ones who must translate their hard work into results.
  12. All parents and swimmers must treat their fellow swimmers and coaches with honor and respect. If there is a dispute between a swimmer and/or parent with a YMCA staff member including coaches, a meeting with the Aquatic Director and all involved parties will be held. Refunds for the program will not be given due to a suspension or removal from the program due to misconduct and/or not following these guidelines. All future payments will be canceled in the event of removal.
  13. Swimmers and parents are asked to recognize that meet fees for invitational and championship meet fees are non-refundable. Please only sign up for meets that you intend to attend, barring any emergency situations.