About York Swim Club of Northern Virginia

York offers programs ranging from a developmental swim school for 8+under swimmers, to an elite senior national training group. We have many training options, ranging from 1 to 9-1/2 hours per week practice programs, with practices at four pool locations in Northern Virginia. We feature a team of coaches who are some of the most experienced in the local summer leagues and PVS. Our home is here in Northern Virginia, and we continue to offer our swimmers an environment to help them achieve their personal goals.

YORK Swim Club was founded in 1981. Our goal was to provide a winter training program for local swimmers who wished to continue swimming during the school year. We believed that swimming was one of the very best ways to develop a healthy body and mind. The foundation of the Club was to offer a positive, low-pressure environment that encouraged each swimmer and her/his academic life.

We welcome our returning swimmers and families, and our new swimmers, to YORK Swim Club’s 40th season. This will be an exciting year for the Club, with new training options and an exciting schedule of meets and social activities.

We remain dedicated to our swimmers and to our parents. Our entire coaching staff and parent group wish you and your family many successes in the coming year, both in and out of the pool.

What makes the York Swim Club so special?

The special mix of coaches and parents is, of course, one important reason. Our parents work very closely with our staff and are always willing volunteers, whether in representing the Club at area meets, or in organizing team activities. The development of a good rapport between coach and swimmer is also essential. It is not merely limited to him/her as an athlete, but carries over to each one as a person. "How is school going?" and "Is the soccer or basketball team doing well?" are just a few of the questions regularly asked by our coaching staff. They are honestly interested and it shows!

Our club is also special in the many activities offered to our young athletes beyond the pool deck. YORK swimmers have the opportunity to join their teammates for a variety of social activities, such as an Age Group bowling party; Senior dinners; an Age Group sock hop, with a D.J.; etc. In addition, YORK swimmers can take part in trips to team building events, away swim meets, and the Senior Retreat.

Coaches goals:

  • To produce a love of the sport
  • To produce feelings of success in each swimmer
  • To create a caring attitude for the team
  • To promote York Swim Clubs motto - All for one, and one for all


We recommend that each swimmer participate in one meet per month. We feel this is an important motivating factor for swimmers and gives the coaches, parents and each swimmer an opportunity to gauge their progress. Meet information and their due dates are featured on the EVENTS tab at the top of the page.

Team Equipment

Over the past 38+ years, York has developed a team identity that is identifiable by the York logo. The logo is featured on all of our team literature and apparel. We know from experience that in order to feel like a team, we need to look like a team. Our team outfitting is evaluated and updated annually and is available to purchase at Sport Fair in Arlington Virginia. York team apparel can also be ordered online thru their website HERE

All swimmers are required to have a York team suit and team competition swimcap to participate on the team. NO EXCEPTIONS!