Amy Van Dyken, winner of 4 gold medals in the 1996 Summer Olympics could not swim across the pool until she was 12 years old due to severe asthma.

Rowdy Gaines, World Record Holder (3) and Olympic champion in 3 events, quit swimming at 12 and started again at 16 so he could meet a girl on the high school team.

Matt Biondi, World Record Holder (5 events) and Olympic champion in 5 events and medalist in two others, swam summer meets and high school only with lots of water polo until college when he got serious AFTER making the '84 Olympic Team as a relay alternate.

Carrie Steinseifer, Olympic gold medalist at age 15. She only swam summer meets until she was 14 years old.

Leigh Ann Fetter swam for a summer team until becoming a high school junior in '86 and became a 1988 Olympian.

Beth Barr moved from being a JO finalist in '85 to an Olympian in 1988.

Janel Jorgensen moved from being the 1986 National YMCA champ to world rankings in '87 and the Olympic Team in '88.

Mitzi Kremer moved from a 7th place 200 (LC) in '86 to the Olympic Team in 3 events in '88.

Mike Barrowman swam to a 5th place 200 Breast in '86 to an American Record and the Olympic Team in '88.

Jeff Somensatto, YORK's own, moved from being an NVSL record holder in the 50M back and 50M fly in 1997 to winning the gold medal in the 200 fly at the World University Games in Spain in 1999 and qualifying for the 2000 Olympic Trials.He currently owns the 3rd fastest American time in the event this year and 11th fastest in the world.