Swimming, perhaps more than any other sport, depends upon parent participation for the conduct of its competitions. The PVS Officials Program is designed to train and certify individuals as referee, starter, and stroke and turn judges. For more information regarding certification please contact Carolyn Kotarski or via email at [email protected] In addition to deck officials, YORK Swim Club needs to provide timers at all meets. If you can help in this way, please volunteer. No experience is necessary, the view is terrific, and it is usually cooler on deck than in the spectator area.

If you are a new YORK member and are already certified as an official in PVS, please contact Ben to update our records. If you have just moved into the area and are a certified official, you can enter PVS with the highest level of previous certification. The certification procedures associated with each official position are listed below. The schedule for the clinics is listed on the PVS web site

Please help to time at the meets when asked and tell the meet officials that you are with the York Swim Club.

Timer/Chief Timer

Certification for these positions is attained by simply attending a Level I clinic. Certification is required if an official intends to become a higher level official, such as a Starter or Referee, or wants to be a Timer in a national meet. This clinic is not required for timing at PVS meets.

Stroke & Turn Judge

This position is certified by attending a PVS-run clinic, working as a trainee at three (3) sessions of PVS meets, and completing a written test with a passing score. These requirements must be completed within one (1) calendar year. Applicable PVS clinics include the Level II clinics listed in the Schedule and clinics conducted for the summer swim leagues, including the NVSL. Certification is valid for two (2) years after which you must be re-certified.


Starters are certified by being a certified Stroke & Turn Judge for at least one (1) year, attending a Level II clinic, working three (3) sessions of PVS meets, and passing a written test. These requirements must be completed within one (1) calendar year; certification is valid for two (2) years. All tests and materials are provided at the clinic. Note: an NVSL Starters’ Clinic is not sufficient for PVS.

Computer Operator

This position is certified by attending the clinic and working two (2) sessions. The computer operator uses the Hy Tech software program to record results at the swim meet and produce reports, including the final meet results. A vast majority of the meets run by PVS now require computer support for the conduct of the meet.

Timing System Operator

This position is certified by attending the clinic and working two (2) sessions. The Timing System Operator runs the Swim IV Colorado timing system console. The clinic also includes instruction on the set-up of the entire electronic timing system.


Referees are chosen by invitation only. The Officials Chairmen in each club and members of the PVS Officials Committee are responsible for identifying and inviting eligible officials to be a referee. Referees must be certified in all subordinate positions, must attend the Referee’s Clinic, work three (3) meets, and must pass a written test to receive certification.