YORK Swim Club is in existence to aid in the health, welfare, and happiness of its young people. We believe that swimming is one of the very best ways to develop a healthy body and mind. Positive reinforcement, along with individual goal setting, is used to develop a love of the sport, as well as to build strong self-esteem in our swimmers. Our interest is in building lifetime swimmers. We strive to maintain a low to non-pressure environment that we believe allows for both competitive success and mental and physical strength.



  • To produce a love for the sport
  • To produce feelings of success in each swimmer
  • To assist each swimmer in reaching her/his fullest potential
  • To create a caring attitude for the team
  • To promote our motto: "ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL"


Our swim school program is a comfortable, non-pressure environment where our "little people" begin to develop a love for the sport of swimming. It is a training ground for ’8 & Under’ children who have not yet learned the legal execution of the four competitive strokes. Some time is also spent on starts, turns, finishes, and breathing techniques. When legal execution of the strokes has been learned, the swimmer is then ready to move into one of the age group workouts.

We also hold a Little Feet Meet for our own Swim Schoolers in the Spring, with plenty of ribbons and prizes.


Children in this age group are constantly being treated to a learning experience and are being "pushed" VERY gently. Continuous stroke work, as well as work on starts, turns, and finishes is the rule for this age group. By the time our children reach 11 or 12 years of age, the training intensifies somewhat, (if the strokes are solid and the child is ready), with a continuous emphasis on stroke technique. Team social activities are greatly encouraged as they help the child develop a feeling of team "belonging" which is so very much needed in the traditional, individual USS-like atmosphere at winter swim meets. Age group parents must be especially careful not to push their children too far too soon. Better to have them develop at a slower, less- pressured rate than to create "burn out" after several years.


Our senior program is a very unique one. We offer two approaches.

1.      Swimming is important but not most important. This program focuses on those who love the sport, the competition, the team effort, and who want to stay in "water shape" for their high school season as well as their summer swim season. At this time in their lives, many of our swimmers are about to take that big step from junior high to high school. This is a major change in their lives, particularly in their school commitments. They experience not only an increase in homework, but also an increase in after-school activities. We support these activities and the desire of our swimmers to be contributing members of their schools. Additionally, we view their academic program as the most important responsibility they have during their school year. We maintain a program with enough flexibility to allow our swimmers the opportunity to experience successes in many areas of their lives. Workouts are generally geared toward stroke perfection, starts, turns, finishes, and sprinting. Much needs to be accomplished during our senior workouts, so most are "quality" work sets. We have found over the last few years that this approach has proven most beneficial to our swimmers, not only for their high school meets, but also in their USS and summer competitions. These workouts are scheduled in the evenings so that our seniors have the necessary time for after-school activities and homework. Swimming is not their whole life, and they like it that way.

2.  Swimming is serious business. This program is available for those swimmers who have mastered their academic schedule and who wish to take on an even more serious approach and commitment to their swimming. Through our morning workouts, the YORK Swim Club addresses the need for extended, rigorous workouts for those swimmers committed to swimming. The morning workouts involve an experienced group of swimmers and are not built for novices.

It is also important to note that we are a family- and socially-oriented Club. We share many activities beyond swimming, including a Halloween sock hop, team bowling, a senior retreat, spaghetti dinners, and away trips for swimmers and their families.


We are always happy to see our YORK Swim Club Graduates when they are in the area!

For those of you who would like to swim with the Club during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring college-breaks, you have an open invitation to do so at no cost. You are also invited to participate in our summer program. Costs for this program will be the same as those charged all other YORK swimmers.

Remember, you must be a registered member of United States Swimming to practice with us during the season or during the summer program. This is necessary for insurance purposes. USS membership expires on December 31st each year. The current cost for USS membership is $90. Call Julie Shafter (703-536-6338) for USS Registration and Summer Program information.