What makes the York Swim Club so special?

The special mix of coaches and parents is, of course, one important reason. Our parents work very closely with our staff and are always willing volunteers, whether in representing the Club at area meets, or in organizing team activities. The development of a good rapport between coach and swimmer is also essential. It is not merely limited to him/her as an athlete, but carries over to each one as a person. "How is school going?" and "Is the soccer or basketball team doing well?" are just a few of the questions regularly asked by our coaching staff. They are honestly interested and it shows!

Our club is also special in the many activities offered to our young athletes beyond the pool deck. YORK swimmers have the opportunity to join their teammates for a variety of social activities, such as an Age Group bowling party; the Senior dinners and volleyball games; an Age Group Halloween sock hop, with a D.J.; etc. In addition, YORK swimmers can take part in trips to away swim meets and the Senior beach retreat.

We are both a 9-month and an 11-month club. Many of our families take a "break" and head back to their summer pools, summer league teams, and other friendships over the summer. They then return to us again in early September. Many others continue training with YORK throughout the summer long-course season in either our early-morning Oak Marr or Yorktown age group and senior programs.