High School Championship Meet Times Directions

Bob York

Parents & Swimmers,

High School Championship Meets (ex: Conferences, Regions, States, Metros, WMPSSDL, etc.) can be observed by Potomac Valley Swimming, Virginia Swimming, Maryland Swimming (a United States Swimming Local Swim Committee) and times from these meets are eligible to be used for future York meets.

It is important that you communicate with your high school coach and follow their directions for ensuring your times are posted to the USA Swimming 3.0 database (SWIMS) and can be entered into our team database if the meet is eligible.  Usually this means giving your high school coach your USA Swimming ID Number which as of this season is a random mix of letters and numbers.  To access the new Member ID Number, you will login to our website www.yorkswim.com, go to “My Account” on the left side of the screen and then select “Account Info”.  From here you will select the Members tab at the top of the page and double click your swimmers name to access their member page.  Then you click the red USAS Membership tab to see the “New ID #”. 

Please give your high school coach your full given name (first, middle, last), optional preferred/ nickname, birthday and USA Swimming ID #.

* Your high school coach should ensure your swimmers full name, preferred/nickname, birthday and ID # is entered into the high school meet database by submitting it to the meet manager before the meet begins.

If you go a best time during high school championships and you have confirmed with your coach that the meet is an 'observed meet' (Potomac Valley, Virginia Swimming, Maryland Swimming, etc.) please email the following information to Kristin ([email protected] ) within a week of the swim so the updated times can be entered into our team database:

  • Meet Name
  • Location (City)
  • Pool Name
  • Age at the Meet
  • Date of Swim
  • Event
  • Time (best times only please)