About the FISH

Founded by Head Coach/Executive Director Ray Benecki in 1991 at Spring Hill RECenter in McLean, Virginia; FISH has grown to over 350 members in the Northern Virginia Area. Spring Hill RECenter has been our base of operations since conception and with our expansion as a team, we started a second site, Audrey Moore at Wakefield Park in 2009.
Our mission is to encourage the pursuit of excellence while nurturing a love for the sport of swimming; and developing the values and skills for success in life along the way. The FISH is committed to providing a safe, healthy, and positive environment for all athletes to grow and appreciate their sport and their teammates. 



USA Swimming Awards 


Club excellence awards are only given to the top teams in the nation based on national performance

2012, 2013, 2014,
2015, 2018, 2019
2016, 2017, 2020, 2021 2009


Specific Accomplishments and Achievements

Open Age Group
4 World Records (1 Record Holder) Multiple Top16/Top10 National Age Group Rankings
9 American Records (1 Record Holder) 3 Top16/10 National AG Relays
9 Olympic Trials Qualifiers (since 2004) 3 Sectional Records
2 Olympians (2008, 2012) Sectional High Point Winner
5 Time World Champion 9 Eastern Zone Champions
9 National Titles (1 National Champion) 2 Virginia State Champions
5K Open Water Champion 68 PVS Records
10K Open Water Champion (50+) 1st Place (Large Teams) PVS Age Group Champs


Read more about our achievements in the Team History.


FISH Programs

The FISH groups swimmers based on location and skill level. The majority of our regularly scheduled training occurs at Spring Hill and Audrey Moore RECenters. Read more about each program and its specific training requirements. Short Course season runs from mid-September to the end of May. More Details


Audrey Moore REC: Spring Hill REC:
Senior Group Senior Group
Fantastic (Advanced/Terrific) Senior Group Prep
Age Group Terrific
  Advanced Age Group
  Age Group
  Mini FISH

Spring Hill Senior Group - Our elite swimmers' group. 10 practices offered per week + drylands.
Audrey Moore Senior Group - National and Senior swimmers, 8 offered practices per week + drylands.
Spring Hill Senior Group Prep - High school swimmers, 4 offered practices per week.
Terrific FISH - 9 offered practices per week + drylands.

Fantastic FISH- 8 offered practices per week + drylands.
Advanced Age Group - 7 offered practices per week + drylands.
Age Group - 2-3 offered practices per week.
Mini FISH - 2-3 offered practices per week.


Winter Conditioning - non-competitive, once-per-week instruction. Runs from September through May and focuses on the basics of good swimming. Fundamentals and stroke mechanics are the primary focus of this program to keep summer competitors from losing skills over the winter. Registration Form

FISH Practice Locations

Fall / Winter Summer
Audrey Moore RECenter - Annandale, VA Autumnwood Pool - Reston, VA
Spring Hill RECenter - McLean, VA Glade Pool - Reston, VA
The Madeira School - McLean, VA Hunter Woods Pool - Reston, VA
Providence RECenter - Falls Church, VA Lake Audobon Pool - Reston, VA
St. James Athletic Facility - Springfield,VA Lake Newport Pool - Reston, VA
  Ridge Heights Pool - Reston, VA

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Contact Us

FISH Headquarters: 1340 Old Chain Bridge Rd., McLean, #303 VA 22101.

Managing Director: Monika Paris703.870.8664
Executive Director/Spring Hill Senior Group: Ray Benecki - 703.282.2667
Head Coach/Audrey Moore Senior Group: Nicole Erickson
Incredible FISH Prep:
Ray Benecki
Associate Head Coach/Terrific FISH: Nicole Erickson

Audrey Moore Fantastic FISH: Nicole Erickson
Advanced Age Group: Curtis Din
Age Group:
Kim Schmidt  & Joey Peppersack
Mini FISH: Scott Cleal & Luke Watling

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After your evaluation and review, you can register for the team.