FISH Programs:

The FISH groups swimmers based on location and skill level. The majority of our regular scheduled training occurs at Spring Hill and Audrey Moore RECenters. Read more about each program and their specific training requirements. Short Course season runs from mid-September to the end of May.


2022-2023 Dues 

Spring Hill Groups  
Mini FISH 2 (9 Month program) $2,950 
Mini FISH 3 (9 Month program) $3,500
Age Group 2 (9 Month program) $2,950
Age Group 3 (9 Month program) $3,500
Advanced Age Group (11 Month Program) $3,950
Terrific FISH (11 Month Program) $4,400
Senior Prep (9 Month program) $4,150
Senior (11 Month Program) $5,300
Audrey Moore Groups  
Age Group 2 $2,950
Age Group 3 $3,500
Fantastic FISH (Advanced Age Group equivalent) (11 Month Program) $3,950
Fantastic FISH (Terrific FISH equivalent) (11 Month Program) $4,400
Senior (11 Month Program) $5,300

Summer Stroke Clinics:Summer Program:
Long Course season runs from the end of May until the beginning of August. We train in both Mclean and Reston.

FISH can also come to your summer team. If you would like to schedule a clinic, contact Ray Benecki.

Winter Program for non-competitive swimmers: runs from September through May and focuses on the basics of good swimming. Fundamentals and stroke mechanics are the primary focus of this program to keep summer competitors from losing skills over the winter.